Monomania and inconsistency

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CiF’s fixation with Israel is noticeable, you only have to put “Israel” in the search box to see some 2596 results, whereas “Darfur” elicits 684 and “Tibet” a mere 189.

After reading Comment is Free for a while it becomes apparent that CiF and its authors almost have an obsession with Israel and Israelis. But this is strange to tell whilst the controversy concerning the “Offal libel” was doing the rounds there was little or no critical comment on it from CiF authors.

Now whatever you think of the “Offal libel” it is indisputable that it was critical of Israelis and Jews in particular. So you might have reasonably expected some counter arguments from the Guardian or its on-line vehicle, but instead CIF was pushing Neve Gordon’s call to boycott Israel.

What a disparity.

Israelis are accused of harvesting the organs of Palestinians, on the basis of no factual evidence and even the author of the piece, Donald Boström, says “But whether it’s true or not – I have no idea, I have no clue.” yet the Guardian and CiF can’t be bothered to question this conspicuous racism.

Still, we must thank Benjamin Pogrund for redressing the balance and answering Neve Gordon’s arguments.

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