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27 Aug 09, 5:06pm


What I love about this site is unmoderated quotes like “Israel is an apartheid state” no facts no evidence just the statement. The very epithet of calling Israel an apartheid state is in fact a racist slur againt the Jews and is pure and simple anti-semitism. Those who repeat the mantra think that by using the word Israel they somehow are safe but since your false allegation is made against the Jews of the Jewish State it is as anti-Semitic as calling me a dirty Jew because that is what you mean.


Over one and half million Arabs live in Israel with the same right to vote as the Jews – what right to vote do Jews living in Jordan or Syria or Egypt have to vote – oh silly me the Jews were ethnically cleansed from Jordan Egypt Syria etc etc and will be from any future Palestinian State should one ever be formed so which side adopts racist apartheid policies?

Or what about “Israel has stolen Palestinian land” – who are the “Palestinians” this claim is made about and what country was it that that has been stolen from? No facts, no evidence. Was there ever a separate Arab nation before Arafat and Nasser called them Palestinian in 1964? Was the land to the West of the Jordan ever a sovereign state called Palestine. Consult your history books. Making up lies and getting useful muppets to repeat them as loud and as often as you like does not make them the truth.

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