The first Berchmans Award

CIFWatch is instituting the Berchmans Award to recognise the most antisemitic posts on CIF.

 A word of explanation: Berchmans is a permanent fixture on CIF. He is Scottish and a man of few words, but those words he has are guaranteed to be used to vilify Israel. Incredibly he denies there is any antisemitism on CIF and in Scotland (just look at the Scottish PSC which is vicious). Berchmans has never been banned.

Today’s Berchmans Award goes toThe Trustworthy’ on the Silwan thread by Meron Rapaport.

Thank you to the CIFWatch reader who pointed it out. It has now been deleted but (illiteracy notwithstanding) it is a graphic example of the kind of poster that CIF attracts. Maybe this poster was emboldened by Seth Freedman’s logical gymnastics in maintaining that the Aftonbladet organ harvesting blood libel was not antisemitic because it was directed at the IDF and not the Jewish people!


31 Aug 09, 7:57pm

We all know land stealing is not new, but is Organ stealing new??

The hateful zealots, either muslim or Jew or christian will die their own way and we mustn’t associate religion/Race with their deeds.

About Organ Theft

Since there is no clear evidence in support of argument that IDF was involved in Organ cell of Palestinians, I think it would be very naive to conclude anything but mere speculation.

That said, Considering the barbarism of IDF and apathy of Israelis(population as well as gov’t) towards Human being specially of other race than Jew, the argument has good chances of being TRUE.

In support of the “barbarism” claim, I would like to remind readers, The 20ft tall Apartheid Wall, The Phosphorous bombing on civilian population, On UN hospitals, On UN schools, on UN food storage, the buldozed homes of poor palestinians, The group of Jew priests involved in sell of organs, the secondary treatment of its own muslim population. The segregation of muslim population to suppress any revolution from within, most importanly considering a Jew Priests view that if a palestinian human being/lesser humans organ could be used to save a Jew, then the organ must be used…………
I don’t think economist platform would be able to afford the long list of terror that Israeli regime has afflicted on its own muslim citizen and its farmer neighbors.

“Calling stealing of land as Natural growth”
I know this cheap argument is funny as well horrifying, funny because it’s farthest from truth and even discussing such absurd statement sounds madness and Horrifying in the sense that to what level Human being can go down to justify Stealing as Natural growth, Murdering as Defense….


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