Lerman: No Jews, no big deal

Antony Lerman has an article on CiF criticising the use of the phrase ”the silent Holocaust” to describe assimilation of Jews.
The first point to make (a point which would be instantly deleted on CiF) is the utter hypocrisy of Lerman’s criticism of the use of Nazi analogies:

But if we pause to think of the suffering of a dying Jewish child in the ghetto and a dying Palestinian child in Gaza, who would dare to suggest that their suffering is any different.

Second, if Jews took Lerman’s advice to stop worrying about antisemitism then there could well be a lot fewer of them:

I sense that so much of the Jewish world is more comfortable with an identifiable enemy that hates us than with a multicultural society that welcomes Jews on equal terms.

Third, nearly half of American Jews are marrying non-Jews. When a Jewish man marries a non-Jewish woman, the children are not Jewish according to Jewish law which is matrilineal.
If Lerman could be bothered to do the maths (does he know Excel?), he would see that with half of Jewish men marrying out and assuming 2 children per couple, within ten generations the Jewish population falls by 94%.
Of course he has no suggestion as to how this self-imposed near-extinction can be avoided.
But then all his recent work suggests that he considers it no big deal  …….

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