Remember! Whatever you do don't mention the Hamas Charter

This is a guest post from cityca (who has been placed in pre-moderation – which is tantamount to being banned!)
Ben White doesn’t like what he sees in Salam Fayyad as recounted in his piece yesterday on CiF. Why’s that? Well, firstly, Shimon Peres calls him a Palestinian Ben Gurion. How can that be good? Then he quotes journalist Helena Cobban who believes Fayyad is ‘running for something,’ i.e. political office, as if that automatically makes him suspicious.
Then he sees as a cause for concern, the western media’s ‘love of all things Fayyad’, as another obvious reason to suspect the worst, because if the western media like him, how good can he be?
Coupled with this, Fayyad was paraphrased as saying in CiF a short while back that if you build it the state will come– in which he seemed to set out an eminently sensible way forward for a Palestinian state, so its therefore hardly surprising Ben White and others of his ilk automatically oppose Fayyad. After all, they get their kicks from patronising the poor victimised Palestinians.
It won’t be the same were the Palestinians to start to make something of their lives and not need the charity and pity from their so called friends in the West.
In a nutshell, that seems to typify his support for the Palestinians – not can we improve their lives but how much mud can we sling at the ‘Zionists’. And at this Ben White is a master.
For a man who at one time said that he could understand why some people were antisemitic (not him of course) and who flirted with Holocaust denial, he comes out of his box to denigrate a Palestinian looking for peace with Israel, the same week that Ahmadinejad makes another attack on Israel, the Jews and denies the Holocaust.
White’s sympathy for the Palestinians is looking more suspect with every article. He doesn’t seem to love Palestinians – he simply hates ‘Zionists’.
Diverting slightly, a number of posters on his article have taken exception to the CiFEditor’s dire warning of 10.12am not to mention Hamas as it is off topic! So in a discussion about the Palestinians, Hamas is not to be commented upon. Seems like the CiFEditor needs to get out more.
I imagine the Altikriti article earlier in the week backfired so badly on CiF, with the majority of posters taking exception to his pathetic attempt of making an argument for Hamas, and CiF being castigated for giving him space, that CiF editors are desperate to control what’s being said on their site. The Guardian World View in action!

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