Antisemitic Comments Gushing from the Ben White Thread

A new Ben White abomination has just gone up at CiF which is stoking yet more Jew-hatred in the comment threads.
How fitting that in the week we had to endure antisemitic tirades from the likes of Ahmadinejad, we are treated to not one but two articles from Ben White – the man who understands why some are antisemites and defended Ahmadinejad’s previous statements denying the Holocaust.
In the space of just 2 hours in which the thread has been open here are a selection of some of the comments from the creatures that dwell beneath the line – at the time of writing only one has been deleted and what is worse the comments by FalseConsciousness, Expat Amsterdam and Bass46 below appeared approximately 15 minutes after their time stamp which could indicate that they were premoderated – Guardian complicity in action!):

27 Sep 09, 9:23am
Let me just check the advice in my GIYUS handbook on this one … ah yes, here we go:
– Hamas are terrorists
– Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map
– We are the victims here
– The author is an anti-semite

27 Sep 09, 10:02am
Is it me or should anyone who stands up for the rights of Palestinians, see that the term ‘anti-semite’ has no value, and and never has. Its now a loaded term of abuse for anyone that doesn’t conform to the Zionist way of thinking. What the Zionists never answer, is that of Israel is ‘a land for the Jews’, why were no non-Western Jews or poorer Jews allowed to settle there? No can’t answer that. Don’t worry, we can figure it out for ourselves why you didn’t.
Cue a Cif Watch troll to report ‘abuse’ to the mods.
27 Sep 09, 9:28am
Recent events have once again exposed the fallacy of the “Two-State Solution.” The Israelis and Palestinians must share all of historic Palestine in a democratic state that grants equal citizenship to all regardless of race or religion.
27 Sep 09, 9:30am
This is rather sickening.
For years Israel has (rightly) demanded that all property seized and looted during WWII is returned to its rightful owners – yet here they are actively denying the same right to the Palestinians.

The racism and hypocrisy of this action is incredible and will sow the seeds of future conflict for generations to come.
27 Sep 09, 9:43am
A Right Wing racist government brings even more misery, as expected.

And there is this one from TheGreatGiginTheSky who is clearly not familiar with the new talk policy at CiF:


27 Sep 09, 10:47am

I can ***NOT*** really say what I think about Israel’s behaviour without the post being deleted.
If any other country in the world did the stuff Israel (and America) does, the MSM would be screaming on every TV channel and every front page.
Israel gets a free pass, we can’t even post about it here on CiF.
There’s your problem.

Anyway, keep an eye on the thread and post antisemitic comments in the comment thread below.

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