Guardian World View in Action on the Ben White Thread

A few hours ago I posted examples of antisemitic comments gushing from the Ben White thread.  Some of them have now been deleted, no doubt because of my post (where’s my paycheck?). Anyway, I was going to include in the post this comment below because if I did I knew it would probably not be deleted.
Instead I copied it to see what happens and guess what its gone. Georgina, Matt and Brian pray tell what is wrong with what chasnb said in the thread?


27 Sep 09, 10:24am
I don’t know who’s worse: Ben White and his obsessive, tireless, one-sided distortions against Israel, or the odd people who follow up his articles with even more misguided hatred against the Jewish state.

Here are a couple more deletions from the same thread that clearly do not align with the Guardian World View:


27 Sep 09, 1:54pm

Ben White and his supporters are unhappy again – which means Israel is again doing the right thing.
I guess every sign that Israel hasn’t disappeared yet, is very annoying to some people.


28 Sep 09, 10:01am

Ben White writes from a country that was stolen from the natives by the Portugese in 1500 and was a colony for 400 years. Its wealth was built on slavery, the effects of which persist to this day.
His obsession with Israel must seem a little peculiar to those of African ancestry in his own country, who 100 years after slavery was abolished are still generally to be found emptying the bins and cleaning the houses of the white folks.
Let me make it simple. He’s a hypocrite.

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