Swap the Word "Zionist" for "Jew"

Here are a couple of examples of thinly-veiled antisemitic comments on the World Can’t Trust Iran thread, an article that was written by authors with Jewish sounding names. Two days later, both comments were still alive and kicking, as was the thread.
questionnaire antisemitic comment

KrustytheKlown antisemitic coment

Of course, if you read the bios of Matthew Levitt and Michael Jacobson here and here, there is nothing to indicate whatsoever that either of them is “Zionist”, and even if they were so what.  The same goes for the Washington Institute of Near East Policy, a highly reputable bipartisan US-based think tank.
And this is the same thread where there was a similar outburst from ShamelessHussy which AKUS recounts here.
When will the penny drop with Guardian management that they have  created an incubator for this kind of antisemitic discourse?
The questionnaire comment has now been removed. The KrustytheKlown comment still remains. Note how the KrustytheKlown comment quotes from the questionnaire comment making the deletion of the questionnaire comment useless.

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