Toxic Mix of Antisemitism on Tisdall Thread

What happens when you deprive the Guardianistas for more than two days of an I/P thread from ‘Comment is Free’ to vent their Jew-hatred?

You get a toxic mix of antisemitism that is made up of the following ingredients:
You start off by pouring in a generous shot of Israel demonization.


18 Oct 09, 3:54pm
I think Israel’s strategy is quite clear. Ratchet up the use of force until Palestinians simply leave. An intifada would suit them nicely, it would just be an opportunity for another Gaza. After all, nothing really happened over Lebanon either. It’s sort of “we’ll keep going as long as we can get away with it”.
As usual the Americans are a sheep in clown’s clothing when it comes to the Middle East.

Then you throw in some false accusations of ethnic cleansing.


18 Oct 09, 4:02pm
The extreme zionists now seem to have things all their own way as they continue with the cleansing plan. Since they never come under any pressure to change their ways and agree to a way forward things will just continue downhill towards yet more conflict. Very sad really but unless real pressure is applied to the hardliners in Israel and the US the Middle East is going to get nowhere.

Add an argument for the “one state solution”.


18 Oct 09, 4:30pm
An Administration that voted against the Goldstone report is not going to have the guts to stand up to the most “liberal” Zionist let alone the current Israeli regime.
Without any effective pressure from America, the Zionists will make excuses and steal more and more land.
We have passed the point where a viable two state settlement is possible.
One person one vote in a Unified State and a Palestinian right of return is the only long term solution.

Shake it up with spurious allegations of racism, genocide and more ethnic cleansing.

18 Oct 09, 4:44pm
The only way to avoid another Israeli Jew massacre of the Palestinians is for Pres. Obama to use the leverage the US has over Israel to resolve the conflict between Jews and Palestinians. Afterall, the US created this conflict by keeping Israel in existence with US aid, weapons, support, and veto protection, and turning a blind eye to Israel’s apartheid policies, racism, land stealing, genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. Now, it is incumbent upon the US to be an honest broker for once and resolve the conflict it created. It won’t be easy but anything less should require top US and Israeli officials to stand before the Hague for charges of Warcrimes and Crimes against Humanity.

Add another shot of Israel demonization.


18 Oct 09, 6:33pm
As usual some of the players, like US and Israel, in the “roadmap to nowhere” are successfully keeping up the status quo that enables Israel to continue it’s butchery and landgrabbing under the cover of phony democracy. There will never any peace because Israel simply don’t want peace. I wonder why we don’t hear about sanctions and violent measures that West readily uses against some countries, ever mentioned in case of violent Israel.

Mix in the denial of a right to a Jewish state.


18 Oct 09, 8:20pm

In 1966, there were no Jews living on the West Bank. By 2009, there are close   to 500,000 in all occupied territories.

occupied territories? Israel is an occupied territory.

Add a splash more demonization.


18 Oct 09, 8:54pm

The US can’t be refusing to deal with Hamas because it supports terrorism. Israel was born of terror. Israeli historians have made this abundantly clear. Hamas can only dream of having as much blood on its hands as do Zionists like Ben Gurion, Begin, Shamir, and Sharon.

The US needs to deal as directly with Hamas as it does with terrorists in the Isareli gov’t.

And finally garnish with some Jewish conspiracy theory.


18 Oct 09, 9:04pm
@ bootboys
You forgot the Chief Rabbi of New York/New York Banking Houses (Goldman Sachs) who are the most powerful/ political group in America.All Presidential candidates must come to an accomodation with the above “Lobby,” or feel the heat of their opponent receiving a huge inflow of contribution dollars ,for their campaign.Guess what they want for their support? Up the coast in Boston the Irish Lobby do the same thing ,only their power is waning rapidly.The Kennedys have lost their way.
The best thing is that this is meant to be a big secret,no one talks about their influence but,votes in the U.N. are a clear sign that the US President has to pay “tribute” to them to keep his place.

And if you want to savor these individual ingredients, all but one of them is available for consumption on the Tisdall thread at the time of writing.
Stormfront eat drink your heart out!

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