Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

Yaacov Lozowick is reporting that Richard Silverstein will no longer be writing for CiF which explains why we haven’t had to endure his anti-Israel screeds for a while.
Commenting over at Yaacov Lozowick’s Ruminations, AKUS sums things up nicely with this:

Silverstein’s articles were by far the lowest quality of the articles that day in and day out condemn Israel on the Guardian’s website.
Since I savaged Silverstein very thoroughly on CiF (as he claims to want to “savage” Tom Friedman – Tom will no doubt be trembling at the thought of this unknown crustacean from Seattle nipping at his heels), pointing out the numerous errors, the outright lies, etc. in article after article I would like to think that even the dim bulbs who run CiF may have realised that the man is simply stupid and a liability to any attempt to present CiF as some kind of intelligent forum.
I was amused by one of the comments on his cry-baby piece about “quitting” CiF (did he quit or was he “quitted”? More the latter, apparently!!) from someone who claimed he stopped writing because the fees he was paid dropped. Brian Whitaker, Silverstein’s CiF “editor”, made a false claim that the pro-Israeli commentators were paid shills of the Israeli Government (would it were so – I could have retired on my earnings before banning). Yet here we have proof, if it were needed, that Silverstein was a paid shill of the Israel bashing Guardian – but, as is the fate of all proles working under a Stalinist regime, there eventually comes a time when one is led to the cellars at Lubyanka or sent in a cattle car to the Gulag.
Silverstein will not be missed, except by those like me who got pleasure out of debunking his simple-minded rubbish.

Apparently Brian Whitaker called Silverstein to convince him to stay. Those dim bulbs grow even dimmer. Here’s Silverstein in his own words:

[UPDATE: I’m pleased to say that my editor has contacted me and asked me to continue to write for CiF.  He had not read my e mail and did not know I had withdrawn from writing for the Guardian.  This is an outcome that pleases me.  So you’ll be seeing that Friedman piece in print in the near future plus coverage of the J Street conference at CiF.]

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