Demonizing the Settlers

Yesterday we were treated to another Seth Freedman abomination entitled Israeli military gives settlers free rein that retraced familiar CiF territory: demonizing the settlers.
Perhaps the most fitting response to CiF and Freedman is a story reported in Ynetnews of how a religious settler came to the aid of a gay Palestinian man who was unable to return to Israel where he was living with his partner and who feared for his life from his fellow villagers who threatened to kill him for being gay. Chas Newkey-Burden over at Oy Va Goy has the full scoop.
Now thats a story you’ll never hear on CiF!
As an aside I just noticed that the Freedman thread has been kept open all night – is this an attempt to boost Seth’s numbers which have been on the wane of late or is this just another cock-up by the Guardian mods?

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