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Ever wondered what it takes to get banned as an antisemitic poster on CiF?
Last year Matt Seaton, CiF editor, stated to the Jewish Chronicle “[w]e have a zero-tolerance policy on antisemitic postings or any other form of hate speech.”
Ok. So if you were to make a statement denying the Holocaust, you’d think that would warrant banning. I mean its pretty much as bad as it gets in terms of antisemitic discourse. So when IllegalCombatAnt made the following comment, do you think he was banned?


20 Oct 09, 8:42pm
Why is it that we are not allowed to debate the Holocaust?
Why is it that academics who try to do so have their funding cut off or lose their tenures?
Who came up with the 6 million figure?

Nope. How about if you defend your statement denying the Holocaust? Good enough yet?

23 Oct 09, 11:22am (about 5 hours ago)
Now there we have it. I asked a simple question as to why debate is not possible and you fling out the accusation of holocaust denier. This is the tactic we see time and time again. Whenever there is any criticism or discussion that Jews/Israelis/Zionists don’t like they instantly start up with accusations of holocaust denial or anti-semite. You fit into this pattern exactly.

Israel is in denial over Turkish rage

illegalcombatant’s comment 23 Oct 09, 10:24am
ONeill70 23 Oct 09, 10:20am
At least that’s one ‘holocaust’ you don’t place question marks over.
– and of course we are allowed to discuss these events without some swivel-eyed Turk or Armenian throwing about hysterical accusations

The liberal Jewish challenge

illegalcombatant’s comment 22 Oct 09, 3:31pm
ONeill70 22 Oct 09, 12:56pm
“Why are we not allowed to debate the Holocaust?”
We are, you eejit! Holocaust scholars and academics across a range of fields do it every day. But here’s the thing – you’ve got to know something about it first. Debate is kind of predicated upon that.
The Holocaust is not a topic I have any particular interest in and certainly not in debating it and of course anybody who wishes to do so should have some grounding in the subject – which goes without saying really so I dont know why you raise the point. As far as Im concerned it happened and Ill go along with the figure of 6 million bandied about. The problem is that there is one official narrative and any attempt to deviate from that through debate or research or whatever is ruthlessly stamped on. Now you say debate IS possible but what do you have to say about the fact that even posing the simple question that I did warrants a deletion?
Some of the responses I received yesterday show who the eejits really are.
First small Townboy wades in:

There’s nothing to debate. It’s like arguing with someone who insists the Earth is flat.

Because as academics, they have proven themselves to be utter failures.
Then Linda Grant sticks her oar in with the killer response:
If a physicist said the moon was made of green cheese, or the earth was flat, they too would have their funding cut off or lose their tenure
The conclusion seems to be that if you wish to debate the matter you are the equivalent of a flat-earther or a total failure or you believe the moon is made of green cheese and therefore debate is not possible – Wow, I’ve really met my match with these mighty intellects! Others simply made do with the standard hysterical, frothing accusations of Holocaust denial. Bunch of eejits.

I knew the day of Holocaust ‘debate’ would come. Just not in my lifetime

illegalcombatant’s comment 21 Oct 09, 1:10pm
So my first post with three simple questions has been removed. Not sure why only after 16 hours it was they decided they were unacceptable.
I have been Carter-Rucked by the Guardian moderators of all people!

Nope. Now what if that same poster has a track record of making derogatory statements about Jews. How about if, for example, he thought that Jewish posters were paid agents of the Israeli government, like Brian Whitaker?

Israel needs the truth about Cast Lead

illegalcombatant’s comment 17 Jul 09, 12:18pm
BrianWhit 17 Jul 09, 11:55am
Staff Israeli Foreign Ministry to Hire Shills for Internet Warfare Squad
Thanks for posting that Mr. Whit. There is also the GIYUS organisation that performs an identical role in spreading Jewish-Israeli-Zionist propaganda.
Their site offers the co-called Megaphone software that issues alerts which results in the faithful swarming to sites to spread the “truth” – much as we see regularly on the pages of CiF.
I suppose the name Megaphone says it all – any discourse is invariably very loud and one-way only.

Iran will emerge victorious

illegalcombatant’s comment 23 Oct 09, 10:02am
Having an aggressive and nuclear-armed rogue state to its west it is imperative for Iran to develop a nuclear capability and the means to deliver it as soon as possible.

I knew the day of Holocaust ‘debate’ would come. Just not in my lifetime

illegalcombatant’s comment 21 Oct 09, 8:30am
Teacup 21 Oct 09, 7:39am
What is an “anorak issue”?

Teacup, I assume you know that an anorak is an item of apparel. They are commonly associated with trainspotters, people who meticulously record details of trains.
An anorak is therefore a person immersed in the minutiae of any issue – the subtext is that they are boring and pedantic. A bit like many of the unwelcome visitors to CiF from Giyus and other such places.

End this culture of Israeli impunity

illegalcombatant’s comment 24 Mar 09, 4:14pm
pretzelberg 24 Mar 09, 3:50pm
Unbelievable – especially as Danryan has already posted a dozen comments in the four hours (!) since he logged on to CiF! A typical case of outsiders suddenly weighing in out of nowehere …
It’s clear the GIYUS trolls have invaded this thread.

Changing the subject

illegalcombatant’s comment 04 Nov 08, 3:02pm
Why any mention of the Zionist misinformation campaign
gets deleted sharpish on these threads.

Palin’s preacher problem

illegalcombatant’s comment 26 Sep 08, 3:13pm
But how many of the comments really are anti-semitic?
Here on CiF any criticism of Israel’s thuggish behaviour is generally met with howls of anti-semitism from the GIYUS mob that infests this site.

Still not enough to get banned. How about endorsement for the destruction of the State of Israel?

Israel-Palestine is already a de facto single state

illegalcombatant’s comment 29 Apr 09, 11:17am
Given that no less a figure than Ehud Olmert has questioned the long term viability of the Jewish state I think it would be more correct to say that time is running out for this implant into the Middle East.
The more so with the steady decline of its bully patron across the Atlantic.

Iran will emerge victorious

illegalcombatant’s comment 23 Oct 09, 10:02am
Having an aggressive and nuclear-armed rogue state to its west it is imperative for Iran to develop a nuclear capability and the means to deliver it as soon as possible.

Still not enough. How about some modern day Jewish conspiracy theory?

Talking tough on Ahmadinejad

illegalcombatant’s comment 29 Sep 08, 12:19pm
Yet more aggression against Iran?
One day the US is going to figure out the tough talking needs to be addressed to Israel. This thuggish little implant into the middle east has caused more misery and destruction than all the others in the region put together.

When Barack meets Bibi

illegalcombatant’s comment 27 Apr 09, 4:26pm
I think you’re being overly pessimistic Mr. Tisdall. Israel will most likely continue to have carte blanche from the US to grab yet more land and slaughter Palestinians in the process.

Still not enough to get banned. How about accusing Israel of sponging guilt money from Germany?

Thank you, George Bush

illegalcombatant’s comment 26 Sep 08, 2:10pm
Sabraguy Sep 26 08, 1:51am
Despite what some people like to believe Israel’s survival is not dependent on US aid.
Israel is an economic basket case and is indeed dependent on this rapidly sinking superpower. No less a figure than Ehud Olmert has questioned the long term viability of the Jewish state.
Just last year the Israeli government went cap in hand to the German government sponging yet more guilt money. The Germans rather cravenly gave in and handed over a large wad.

Cyanide on the table

illegalcombatant’s comment 10 Jul 08, 4:37pm
TheSchniz Jul 10 08, 03:45pm
” thewholeninethoughts in a thread about Israel refers to Israel’s ‘holocaust begging bowl’.
There is so much anti-semitism on CiF you get quite used to it but this breathtaking remark deserves a special a mention I think. “
@ A fair term I think and not at all intended to be anti-semitic. After all Israel’s basket case economy is kept afloat only by massive and frequent US handouts.
On top of that didn’t the Israeli government go cap in hand whining to the German government just last year to trouser yet some more guilt money? To their shame the Germans capitulated and dished out a few wads just to get some peace.

Still not enough to get banned. And what is more, other than one or two of these comments, they are all undeleted. Funny that because this is what Matt Seaton had to say in the same article  to the Jewish Chronicle:

“We devote considerable and growing resources to moderating out site, with the help of our users.
We do not tolerate any hate speech, and our moderators will delete comments which are antisemitic or Islamophobic or otherwise racist , as soon as they are reported to us or when we see them ourselves. That happens in minutes rather than hours or days.”

Is there something I’m missing here Matt or is it that your moderators share the same mindset as BellaM?

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