Enough is Enough

In yesterday’s Jerusalem Post, Isi Leibler launched a scathing attack on Jewish leadership in the UK for what he perceived as its craven approach towards Israel and antisemitism which he characterized as follows:

This approach is reflected by public demonstrations of solidarity with the Jewish state being deferred until forced under pressure from the Jewish street; inadequately confronting anti-Semites like the former mayor of London; and insufficiently opposing those seeking to boycott and delegitimize Israel.

Leibler goes on to explain that:

Such conduct explains why the British Jewish anti-Zionist fringe groups seem to make a greater impact on the media than the spineless communal establishment.

Indeed. We witness this day in day out on the pages of ‘Comment is Free’ as its coterie of house Jews reinforces the distinction in the minds of Guardian readers that the the good Jew denounces Israel and the bad Jew is one who is a fervent Zionist. It is no wonder that in the comment threads of ‘Comment is Free’, Zionism has become a dirty word, sullied by the continual vilification of the Jewish state and has become code for expressing antisemitism under the thin guise of anti-Zionism.

Leibler ends with the following prescription for British Jewry:

The time has surely come for British Jews to say enough is enough. They should replace these “trembling Israelites” with leaders who recognize that silence is not always golden but is sometimes just yellow, and that Jewish self-respect demands that we speak up and present a dignified viewpoint as proud Jews.

These words resonate strongly with us.

For those that are regular followers of CiF Watch, including Georgina, Matt and Brian, you’ll know we don’t mince our words. We are prepared to stand up and call a spade a spade. We are proud of being Jewish and we are proud of being Zionist. And lest there be any confusion on the matter, this does not mean that we automatically support all of Israel’s policies. Like every other nation in the world, Israel has its flaws and is deserving of rebuke and critique. But it is the attempt to attack the very foundation upon which Israel was built – a refuge and homeland for the Jewish people – that we object to through the linkage of Zionism with racism, accusing Israel of ethnic cleansing and stealing land and comparing Israel to apartheid South Africa and Nazi Germany.

The Guardian stands at the forefront of a morally blind movement to transform Israel into a pariah state through constant delegitimization and demonization and we are here to reclaim back the word “Zionism” and to put a stop to the antisemitic discourse that poisons the public debate.
We say to the Guardian and its management “enough is enough”. The time for change has come and if you at all care about salvaging whatever is left of the Guardian’s reputation, now is a good time to start.
We can assure Guardian management of one thing: if it continues down the path of constant vilification of the Jewish state, this will only serve to further expose the depths of moral depravity to which the Guardian and its readership have sunk and we, like others out there, will not stand by in silence.

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