Antisemitic Cartoon, Antisemitic Moderation Policy

As if it is not enough that the Guardian published an antisemitic cartoon yesterday, in the accompanying thread, comments which attempted to challenge the antisemitism were summarily deleted.
Before I go through the deleted comments, I would first like demonstrate the duplicity of the Guardian by quoting Bella Mackie, one of the Guardian’s moderators  whom we recently exposed as harboring anti-Israel sentiments. In responding to the accusation that the “Guardian censors are removing all trace of posts that are [sic] do not agree with their political positions” she said:

Let me just state categorically, we do not do this. The Guardian has hundreds of staff, and believe it or not, there is no official position to disagree with. You only have to read any article to see lots of varied opinions.

Well Bella as they say there is nothing like incontrovertible proof to the contrary. Remember this is the same Guardian moderator that engaged in an ad hominem attack on Melanie Phillips in complete contravention of the Guardian’s own talk policy which Bella is supposed to be enforcing.
Anyway, the deletions begin first with MindTheCrap, a pro-Israel poster that was providing some supplemental links to the Belfast “Peace Wall” to make the point that when it comes to Israel and its security barrier, double standards are at play. His/her comment was deleted without a trace.


11 Nov 2009, 8:20AM
Sorry, I forgot to “link” the links:

Then we have deewhy’s comment that picks up on the same double standards theme. This comment too was deleted without a trace.


11 Nov 2009, 8:48AM
MindTheCrap,do you seriously think that there are that many here that would be interested in any other wall built anywhere elsein the world but in Israel.
Up there is another one of Steve Bell’s Masterpieces,that portray his great love for Israel.

And when deewhy attempts to rebut the trope that Israel steals water and land, his/her comment gets deleted:


11 Nov 2009, 9:04AM
Stealing water and land from the palestinians.Now how many times have we heard that one before,and where.

The Israel stealing land and water lies are still there by the way (left unchallenged as a result of the deletion). Anyway, here’s another MindTheCrap comment that attempts to make the point again that there are double standards at play. Again deleted.


11 Nov 2009, 9:55AM
I see that the BBC has seen fit to remind its readers on the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall that the Belfast Wall is still in place:

… one of the 42 interface barriers in Belfast, the most recent of which was built in 2008.
But for some reason Steve Bell thinks that Israel’s separation barrier is more relevant for Guardian readers than the wall in their own back yard.
For those who are unfamiliar with the height of the British Belfast wall:

Then we have Jubilation1 also trying to argue that there are double standards at play. Again deleted.


11 Nov 2009, 10:16AM
How about paying some attention to the wall of shame, built to keep out the starving and water deprived millions of Africa . This is the Berm of Western Sahara (also known as the Moroccan Wall) which is an approximately 2,700 km-long defensive structure.
Amazing how educational this is proving.

Then we had a guest appearance in the thread from Guardian contributor, Ben White.


11 Nov 2009, 9:23AM
Thanks Steve.
This Wall will also fall.

For  those of you not familiar with Ben White, I invite you check out his bio which can be found here. In short he is a real piece of work. He is on record for saying that he understands why some people are antisemitic, he has flirted with Holocaust denial and he has written a young thug’s primer Israeli Apartheid: a Beginners Guide which among other things recommends French Holocaust denier, Roger Garaudy. So understandably pro-Israel posters took issue with Ben White’s thank you note to Steve Bell for publishing an antisemitic cartoon. Yet the two posters that attempted to challenge Ben White had their comments deleted.

11 Nov 2009, 1:05PM
Ben White – thanks for the scrupulously fair, impartial, balanced, non-emotive post. You might get another book deal out of the Berlin Wall analogy writ large.

11 Nov 2009, 1:12PM
Ben White – thanks for the scrupulously fair, impartial, balanced, non-emotive post. You might get another book deal out of the Berlin Wall analogy writ large.
Yes indeed.
Ben White has a world wide reputation for scrupulously fair, impartial, balanced, non-emotive writings.

Then we have SantaMoniker having a go at refuting the antisemitic cartoon. Again deleted.

11 Nov 2009, 1:16PM

The source for this atrocious cartoon has been noted here:
It is amazing that the there is this attempt to shift the focus from a wall built to trap people in a country they wanted to leave to a barrier designed to protect a country against terror.
And in any event, the barrier is a fence, not a wall for most of its length, and is in no way longer than the Berlin Wall.
Finally – shouldn’t a British newspaper focus on its own “Berlin Wall” in Belfast –

Actually, I suspect the reason SantaMoniker’s post got deleted is because the “here” contains an embedded link to CiF Watch. You see the Guardian feels so threatened by what we are doing that they have an official policy to delete any post that refers readers to CiF Watch. Well actually thats not quite true come to think of it because the Guardian does leave up posts that talk negatively about us. That’s acceptable discourse. Truly Orwellian!!
Anyway getting back to the thread. Here’s MindTheCrap telling SantaMoniker about the Ceuta Separation barrier – the barrier that is built on foreign land (Africa to be precise) to keep foreigners out of Europe. Deleted.

11 Nov 2009, 2:16PM
Here is another picture of the Ceuta Separation barrier, built on occupied Moroccan soil, in part intended to keep Africans out of Britain:

Then we have another one from Jubilation1 listing all the other “walls”. Deleted.

11 Nov 2009, 3:11PM
CiF often has a series of comments; like ‘in praise of ‘
Could it be that this is the first of a series of cartoons about Walls of the World?
Perhaps we will see cartoons showing the reason for building:
Hadrian’s Wall,
the Great Wall of China,
The Great Berm of Africa (the Wall of Shame)
the Peace Wall of Belfast,
the Ceuta Wall,
the Gibraltar wall,
the Cyprus wall
the three Caucasian walls,
the long and expensive hi-tech Saudi wall ($7 billion)
the Mexican/USA wall

So what do we learn from this. Well on “Comment is Free” (by the way those inverted commas you see are there on purpose), you are not allowed to state that double standards are at play when false and morally repugnant equivalencies are made with the Berlin Wall. You see not only does the Guardian demonize, delegitimize and apply double standards (the 3Ds) to Israel but attempts to refute such blatant antisemitism are suppressed.
What else do we learn? Well the likes of Papalagi and Moeran can spew their lies about Israel with impunity. Here’s Moeran repeating the familiar trope that Israel steals land.

11 Nov 2009, 8:09AM
That was a bit unfair to the East Germans, Steve; at least they didn’t build their wall in West Germany to steal their land.
Come to think of it, nor were West German children beaten up and imprisoned for throwing stones at it, as happened to fourteen year-old Mohammed from Biddu.

And here’s Papalagi endorsing the one-state solution, a solution which is subterfuge for the destruction of Israel as a Jewish state.

11 Nov 2009, 11:51AM
Pretzelberg says:
The Berlin Wall was erected to keep people in – the Israeli one is ostensibly about keeping unwanted people out. The actual route of the latter is hard to justify IMO, taking in Jewish settlements built against the will of the native population. But in itself it is simply a fortified version of countless other border barriers across the planet.
This is wrong. The purpose of the wall is like the purpose of a prison wall. It’s to keep people out of a territory and in the prison. The Israeli wall is a prison wall that is used to keep a population in a prison in order to control it, to subjugate it. It’s not a border wall, or it’s only a border wall like the wall of a prison is in a certain way a border wall separating prison and freedom.
That’s why the only option for the Palestinians now is to make an international campaign against a treatment which has been compared to apartheid by Jimmy Carter. Until now they counted with the American role in negotiations. The aim was to create two states in the region which would mean that the Palestinians would be able to have autonomy and freedom. Now it’s clear that the Americans are not willing to play this role. So, this solution is dead, there cannot be two states. The Palestinians have no other option than to fight for their rights to come out of the prison and to demand their rights.
They should elect representants and demand that they be accepted in the Knesset.

And finally here’s one by bill2 equating Communism with Zionism which is just as bad as equating Nazism with Zionism.

11 Nov 2009, 2:39PM
“Communist wall = Zionist wall … they’re both walls, geddit?”
Communists=Zionists, geddit?
Both oppressors and murderers and bent on hegemony.

Of course none of the above three comments were deleted, because in Guardianspeak that’s acceptable discourse.
I originally wasn’t going to post the following image because the one fundamental difference between “Comment is Free” threads and Stormfront threads is that in the latter case “Comment is Free” threads are moderated. Well after the display of blatant anti-Israel moderation yesterday, all I can say is if the shoe fits…

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