Never Mind the Facts… Lie Back and Think of Brittain

This is a guest post by Jonathan Hoffman
“Contaminated water is poisoning babies in Gaza” – so reads the strapline to the disgraceful article by Victoria Brittain today. Anyone who knows anything about medieval Jew hatred will shudder at the similarity to the Jews poison the well” trope.
Says Brittain: In Gaza “there is now no uncontaminated water; of the 40,000 or so newborn babies, at least half are at immediate risk of nitrate poisoning….Incidence of “blue baby syndrome”, methaemoglobinaemia, is exceptionally high; an unprecedented number of people have been exposed to nitrate poisoning over 10 years; in some places the nitrate content in water is 300 times World Health Organisation standards.”
I first heard the methaemoglobinaemia allegation from Omar Barghouti at the BRICUP meeting in London last Friday. Neither Barghouti nor Brittain cited any medical evidence in support of their claim. Given the agenda of both these Israel-haters, their credibility is at rock bottom …. except among the true believers of CiF. Brittain for example has blamed Israel for flooding in Gaza, totally unaware that when it rains heavily, the coastal areas of Israel are prone to flooding too.
Much of Brittain’s article is based on the recent Amnesty Report which has been comprehensively gutted here by CAMERA and here by me (and elsewhere too, no doubt CiFWatch readers will offer more links).
Indeed CAMERA has written no fewer than six pieces deconstructing the mostly fictional Amnesty Report!
Here is the comment on the Brittain thread by the estimable Petra Marquardt-Bigman:

Almost exactly a year ago, Ms. Brittain wrote an article complaining that the horrendous atrocities in Congo got some attention from British officials, instead of them focusing on Gaza (From Goma to Gaza, was the title). A year later, she complains that instead of all the fuss about global warming, the international community should focus on Gaza… Looks like a pattern to me.
But anyway, who will save Gaza’s children? How about Gaza’s rulers, who had no problem equipping an army that they boast has some 15 000 fighters, who had no problem building up an elaborate network of bunkers and tunnels for military purposes, who had no problem organizing the building of tunnels for smuggling, who had no problem setting up and running a TV station to “educate” their population in the way Hamas wants them to see things — ah, and btw, yesterday there was a new type of rocket launched from Gaza into Israel, and recently, Hamas reportedly tested a rocket that could reach Tel Aviv. So all in all, it seems that they don’t have a problem to get the things they care about done. Apparently, Ms. Brittain recently visited Gaza, given the colorful description she is giving here, maybe she should go back and ask the Hamas leaders why they don’t do anything about the sewage and water problem in order to “save Gaza’s children”.

Indeed. And Victoria Brittain has a track record of putting the facts in second place behind her personal agenda.
It has been said of her that “Victoria Brittain has never met a terrorist, jihadist, or enemy of a liberal and multicultural society that she doesn’t admire….”
Sounds ideal for a Guardian CiF author ….

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