More Red Faces: The Guardian amends the errors in Shabi’s article!!

This is a guest post from AKUS

Rachel Shabi has become notorious for the errors and fallacies in the articles she submits to the Guardian. A number of sites that keep an eye on its endless negative articles about Israel have forced a retraction for errors committed by her, and an unnamed editor.
After CiFWatch published this

and this

and Honest Reporting UK published this

and Camera published this

the Guardian was forced to make two corrections to one of Rachel Shabi’s articles. The first was due to her incorrectly characterizing Modi’in as a settlement. In addition, in an apology reminiscent of the “editorial error” of the famous Nobel Prize scandal, when the Guardian omitted the names of Israeli Prime Ministers who won the Nobel Peace Prize, the paper grudgingly stated that it was an due to an “editing error” that the article did not mention that a settler had been shot dead on Road 443.
Here is the published correction:

This article was amended on Tuesday 29 December 2009 to correct an error introduced in the editing process: Modi’in is not a settlement. Also, an editing change removed the information that the shooting of an Israeli in his car near Shavei Shomron was fatal. This has been corrected.

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