William Bapthorpe unequivocally advocates the murder of Jews on Blincoe thread

Take a look at this absolutely shocking comment from a regular below the line commenter on CiF, William Bapthorpe, which appeared in the recent Nicholas Blincoe thread.

This comment is a stark demonstration of how the drip drip delegitimization and demonization of Israel is now translating into openly advocating the murder of its Jewish citizens. And William Bapthorpe expresses this in no uncertain terms: “they must be slaughtered, every last man, woman and child“.
What sick depraved mind would even consider thinking such a thing let alone commit it to writing? And what is worse, William Bapthorpe has generally been one of the milder anti-Israel bigots when it comes to the I/P threads.

While this comment has now been deleted, William Bapthorpe has not been banned for this comment. If you like me have a problem with that, please take the time to email Georgina Henry, executive editor of CiF at  georgina.henry@guardian.co.uk and demand that she explain why William Bapthorpe has not been banned and why it is that “Comment is Free” has become an incubator for such openly antisemitic discourse. Lets see if there is even a shred of decency in her to act upon this.

Perhaps also one of our readers would be kind enough to pay a visit to a local police station and lodge a complaint as I believe that incitement to racial hatred is a crime in the United Kingdom.

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