A Very Pertinent Question

David Hirsch of Engage asks a very pertinent question in his post “below the line” in his article that appeared today in “Comment is Free”.

davidhirsh’s comment 15 Jan 10, 12:00pm
We need to be clear about the distinction between criticism of Israel and antisemitism but also the relationship between criticism of Israel and antisemitism.
Exactly my point, we agree there. The problem is that there is very little distinction being done by the official Israel and in debates. If the word is to be used for any criticism towards Israel, then it will in the end mean nothing.
Yes, we agree on that.
Can we also agree that often criticism of Israel is antisemitic and often criticism of Israel licenses and creates an antisemitic commonsense.
For example there is a comment on this thread which five people have “recommended” already which is antiemitic.
We had enough of Jewish self-discovery. Usually it ends with people displaced and killed.
This is not criticism of Israel. It is simply anti-Jewish racism.
How does anti-Jewish racism appear on a Guardian website, which is supposed to be an antiracist space? [emphasis added]

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