Where have we seen this before?

Front Page Magazine ran a piece yesterday about a topic and phenomenon we know all too well at CiF Watch: antisemitism leaking into leftist discourse through a site which publishes articles inviting the vilest of haters in its comment section.
The site is popular, in fact influential and is home to commentators and public figures revered in society and the corridors of power. This is the first on line publication to get a White House Press pass and is the most funded (and rumored to be losing money) e-magazine attracting the biggest advertisers in America. In other words, this is supposed to be the CiF of America.

It is the Huffington Post. Founded by former conservative millionaire trophy (and pretender) wife turned extreme leftist, Ariana Huffington. Ariana is a celebrity in the USA. She is a frequent guest on Larry King and other prime time shows and has won an Emmy. She is number 42 in the Guardian’s Top 100 in Media List.
Since almost the site’s inception, people started noticing that her liberal progressive site was attracting hate speaking posters who promoted, from the most bizarre to most hateful conspiracy theories regarding conservatives, republicans and of course Jews. Still, the site which Bill O’Reilly refers to as a “hate site” became a mainstream gathering place of the media and liberal elites where they swap posts from subjects as wide ranging as fashion to domestic and international politics. Along with the Daily Kos, Huffpost has also become a window through which we can observe the tragic (for some) descent of progressive thinking into the oldest bigotry, antisemitism.
The similarities to CiF are telling. Yet few even in the USA realize how the liberal left which, in America used be centered around the ideals of tolerance and compassion, is following its European cousins into the abyss of Jew hatred and the most extreme anti-Zionism.
When I was in College, I enjoyed chemistry. Being an economics major, I found the similarities between the cognitive routes of the two disciplines striking. I also learned that for a change to occur in a system, a catalyst needs to be introduced and if conditions are controlled, theories can be proven as to what results we may end up with.
When we started to toss the idea around about creating a website to allow our dissident voices of CiF to appear somewhere and to expose what we found at CiF in terms of bigotry, we wondered how this bigotry flourished there and why.
Actually we have not wondered long, but figured it out. The theory was that CiF would invite these maggots with its otherwise palatable yet deeply one-sided and ostensibly inciting articles, which like some catalyst would start the fermentation, resulting in the nasty stuff we spend days  documenting and exposing on CiF Watch.
The fact that a strikingly similar phenomenon is occurring in America with the same ingredients, the same catalyst and thus the same results serves as proof that indeed the editorial stance of a certain world view in given articles, will without fault result in a number of posts giving us reason every day to get back to work. Like a chemistry experiment of adding element A to elements B and C will result in the very same compound each time, we repeat the same exercise.
The compound being conspiracy antisemitism coupled with a mix of age old blood libels appearing like the alcohol rich vapor upon distillation of progressive internationalism and victim narrative as observed in the Huffington Post, 8 to 10 posts along the way and CiF similarly within a few posts after a thread opening.
Then comes the controversy and promises of better moderation but no end in the incitement as if one wanted to heal a wound, rubbing one’s knees onto the pavement each time after a bandage change will yield no better result. The puss still flows as it is fed and incubated by recurring themes and recurring posters who do not get banned as promised by the talk policy, but are placed into some denial mechanism which automatically turns on those doing the exposing. So like in Communist China, the whistle blowers go to jail, the problems persist, kids get poisoned, the rivers continue to be polluted and buildings built recently collapse on top of tenants.
We all saw this before. What is astonishing is that this is so simple. Why then not remedy it?
Well, Frontpage magazine proposes some possibilities. It refers to, for example the site visitors from places like Iran and Pakistan who contribute to the hit count thus allowing Ariana to put these statistics into her glossy advertisers brochure showing how loyal, diverse and numbered her readers are. Given that rumors persist of investor concerns and cash flow problems, it seems logical that Ariana would not want to dump hits when those hits are the only yet weak measure of return for her and her advertisers’ business plans. Which still leaves the question about CiF which is supposedly a non profit organization being part of the Guardian Media Group. I assume even non profits do not like losing money and hits are what they call internet money in the on line world.
Still I don’t think this is the main issue. The main issue and story here is antisemitism finding a new home on the left side of the street and the left feeling increasingly uneasy to live near Jewish areas. Save the Jews, of course who dedicated their lives to progressive pursuits seeing their house taken over by bums ending up blaming themselves for not being “progressive enough” and blaming their fellow Jews for not following suit.
I guess and I can only guess as I never understood this phenomenon in economics nor chemistry and wish not to have to adapt to the understanding of psychopathology.

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