Are you sitting comfortably?

Many in the Western world seem to have convinced themselves that the Middle East conflict is no more than a dispute over land. In fact it is about much more than that, but any comment alluding to this can meet with swift deletion on CiF as we saw the other day on the David Hirsh thread. Here are some examples from that thread:

15 Jan 2010, 3:47PM
You are side stepping again. Shall we play a game of who shows compassion and who does not?
‘We’ don’t have to.
‘We’ do not indoctrinate our children to value death over life and try to give them an education that makes them useful citizens for the world.

15 Jan 2010, 4:12PM
@ Gazagirl
I agree with you on many things and salut your love of children.
But why aren’t you protesting in the streets to correct their so wrong racist school programms?
Are you scared to get knee capped, thrown of building or stoned to death (after raping you?)
Doesn’t stop the Iranians!
Step up and stand for your freedom with the same passion you stand against Israelis and we’ll get along sooner than you’ll believe!

15 Jan 2010, 5:50PM
Jenin, Beirut, Sabra and Shatillah, Palestinian refugee camps.
Does that justify a homeland?
No they certainly do not. Whatever makes you think they could?
Jenin was home to mass murders, Beirut to organisations dedicated to the destruction of the Jews, Sabra and Shatillah a base for the PLO, and the refugee camps are where those that sought to kill the Jews and destroy Israel before it was born ended up. I see no merit there.

As we all know, much has been written over the past few days both here and elsewhere about the supposed ‘indoctrination’ of Israeli youth with over-exaggerated beliefs about antisemitism in the world around them. As an Israeli parent of five, I would classify this claim as simply silly and completely untrue, but I find it very interesting that surprisingly little is written in the Western media about the kind of indoctrination which actually does go on in our environs – something of which we in the Middle East are all too aware, particularly as many Israelis are speakers of Arabic, including most of our children who learn the subject at school.
In 2007, Hillary Clinton condemned as ‘child abuse’ the ‘glorification of death and violence’ in new school text books brought out by the Palestinian Authority. Six years earlier, a similar analysis of school textbooks had prompted a French member of the EU parliament, Mr. Francois Zimeray, to state that there was ‘substantial proof that EU funding has wrongly been used to finance school textbooks promoting hatred and martyrdom’. As we also know, Hamas has opposed the plan by UNWRA to teach the subject of the Holocaust in Gaza, and in Lebanon, Hizbollah has removed Anne Frank’s diary from a school.
Outside the school environment, antisemitic propaganda is not out of bounds in children’s entertainment either. From Farfur the Mickey-Mouse look-alike to Assud the bunny, children in Gaza are exposed to a terrifying level of extremist jihadist brainwashing.

Farfur of course, is no longer with us.

And you can see Nassur the teddy bear, promoting membership of Iz al Din al Kassam and teaching children about ‘values’.

Programmes aimed at older children have similar messages.

In the summer holidays, like many children the world over, children in Gaza can go to summer camp, but with a difference. As long as this goes on, it is hard to see how any sort of peace and reconciliation can come about in the generations to come because whilst it may be possible to exchange land for peace, overcoming so many years of indoctrination to hatred and violence will be a much more difficult task.

No-one should be sitting comfortably whilst such abuse of children continues.

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