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29 Jan 2010, 8:37AM

Israel is a shitbag.  Zionists kill Palestinian babies. Israelis harvest (human) organs. Zionists are like Nazis. Zionists target civilians. Israel is an Apartheid state. Gaza is one huge concentration camp. George Galloway is my hero. People are starving in Gaza. Palestinian terrorism is ‘goodliness’ because Israel occupies territory belonging to the Palestinians. Obama is a Jewish pawn. Hillary Clinton is a Jewish pawn. Israel is not a real democracy. Zealot Jews control Israel. Neocons are dumb Jews. Palestinians and all Arabs are not responsible for their actions because they were subservient to colonialists. Islamic Terrorism is the result of the actions of colonialists. The EU and the USA must sign up to cleaning up the atmosphere but China can continue as she wishes because she is basically a counterweight to US domination of the world. Ahmedinejad is bad in his attitude to homosexuals and women but otherwise he is all goodness and anti USA. Saudi Arabia is evil and bad. The Taliban are really good people but we don’t really appreciate their attitude to women, homosexuals, dissention, governance and education. The US is the greatest evil in the world today. Russia will one day return to true and righteous Stalinism. Socialism is the only good form of governance. Market driven economies are bad, bad, and bad again. Banks are evil.  Islamist terrorism in the UK is understandable because the UK is killing Muslims in Iraq. Muslims are killing Muslims in Darfur and Iraq but this is ok because …. because …. Well. Because.

A letter from Wyrian Bittiker to the author of the above comment
Dear HateAnythingJewish,
Thank for your above comment. We at The Nuardiag are very, very impressed.
My name is Wyrian Bittiker and I am responsible for the rank absence of any intellectual content on our blog site.
I would formally like to invite you to write a post about Israel. As you obviously are aware, we, at The Nuardiag are on a crusade to destroy the one Western Liberal Democracy in the Middle East. Anything will be utilized from a dog fouling a pavement in Tel Aviv to an overheard comment by a Zionist Entity functionary who was muttering expletives to an Arab Israeli waiter who had spilt boiling hot soup into his lap while trying to stab him with a knife.
Posts along these and similar lines are very welcome.
The post should be between 150 to 600 words long and, if we accept it, you will be paid 75 British Pounds which will be delivered to you by post in crumpled 5 pound notes.
Please don’t feel any embarrassment at your singular lack of literary talent. This could not be of less interest to us and you will find yourself to be very much at home in our resident assortment of Jewish and Israeli social rejects who concoct posts for us. What we are basically interested in is your personal deviant interpretation of day to day occurrences within the Zionist Entity in Palestine and the wider Jewish world.
Given the absence of any intellectual depth of many of our readers and commenters, we would remind you that only polarised views (which show that Israel is guilty of whatever you are charging her of), are acceptable. Any mention of conflicting interpretations of the incident that you are presenting is strongly discouraged, since they will almost certainly confuse our loyal and regular readers. We do not want to cause them to actually peruse  independently the situation and so, drive them away.
We look forward to a long and mutually debilitating relationship as you help us maintain an ongoing demonization of the Zionist Entity and what is really going on in Gaza and elsewhere in the region.
Your truly
Wyrian Bittiker

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