The Curious Case of Beautiful Burnout

This is a guest post by Sherlock AKUS

Sometimes, Dr. Watson, some people try to be so fair-minded they trip over themselves. For example, take the curious case of “BeautifulBurnout ”, a CiF contributor, self-styled “Beautiful bubbly burntout buddhist barrister” and, it appears, one of the most prolific of CiF commenters (roughly one comment every three minutes on a huge variety of threads), commenting on Uri Dromi’s article about the Tonge affair, A Lib Dem and a blood libel.

“beautifulburnout” nurtured a belief that the Jewish media was responsible for the Baroness Tonge scandal …
But, to be as fair-minded as she would like to be, let’s start from the last of her comments (or, at time of writing, most recent – it’s hard to keep up).
“beautifulburnout”makes a sort of back-handed, rueful apology that manages at the same time once again to cast doubt on Uri Dromi’s impartiality regarding what, Dr. Watson, certainly seems to this investigator as an open and shut case – as “beautifulburnout” reluctantly admits:

Let’s follow the long and winding road that led “beautifulburnout” to this reluctant admission of guilt (I am going to cut ‘n paste rather than paste a screen shot of every comment from this point on but if you care to go through the dozens of comments this poster makes every day you’ll find them at here (although by the time you read this, if she stays on pace, you’ll need to get to page 6 or 7 or 10 of her comments). I have occasionally bolded significant comments I wish to admit in evidence.
Exhibit 1: Grudging acceptance of the possibility that the Tonge scandal is real, with a swipe at Uri Dromi that normally would be enough to get another poster deleted for infringing community standards:

beautifulburnout’s comment 12 Feb 10, 4:39pm
Hang on. What evidence do we have, other than what the JC says, that Jenny Tonge said any such thing, or the context in which it was said?
I know she can be a bit extreme in her comments at times, but I can’t imagine her offering up this kind of comment without it being prompted.

This is too bizarre. She is an intelligent woman.
(Still, Uri. People say the strangest things sometimes, I’ll grant you that, so you might well be right. A year ago you were denying that the IDF were using white phosophorous as a weapon during Operation Cast Lead.)
But if Jenny Tonge really believes that this is something that “needs investigating” then she is off her rocker, frankly. Not to mention being extraordinarily offensive to Jews everywhere.

Exhibit 2: Doubt is settling in … suspicion grows of a Jewish conspiracy … but be fair-minded .. blood libel – not a good thing ..

beautifulburnout’s comment 12 Feb 10, 4:49pm
Erm… the more I look into this, the weirder it appears to be. Google “jenny tonge haiti IDF” and the only results are the JC, ynet and a variety of blogs (any links to the Torygraph are individual bloggers, not Torygraph staff) with a vested interest, shall we say. Nothing reported in anything mainstream.
Is Baroness Tonge being smeared here?
Not happy about the authenticity of this, frankly.
Blood libel is a really vile thing to do. It is up there with holocaust denial in my book. Falsely accusing someone of a blood libel on the flimsiest of evidence is inexcusable.

Exhibit 3: Ready to apologize in the unlikely event of being mistaken …

beautifulburnout’s comment 12 Feb 10, 4:52pm

I reiterate – blood libel is vile and disgusting.
However, I am a tad concerned at the authenticity of this, or whether she was quoted out of context, because although she is a mouth-frother when it comes to I/P she is not daft enough to become imbroiled in something as stupid as this, imo. Just my two penn’orth though – I may well be wrong and will apologise if I am.

Exhibit 4: TG (Jewish abbreviation for “Thank God”) for the “dear old Graun” … the paper that dares to tell the truth (tooth?) … suspicion of a Jewish conspiracy grows stronger …

beautifulburnout’s comment 12 Feb 10, 5:04pm
Every other website that this particular incident has been reported on has received nothing but unequivocal condemnation of Tonge’s remarks.
Why is this website different from all other websites?
Because it appears that every other website publishing this, apart from the dear old Graun, seems to be a blog or a Jewish website….?

Exhibit 5: More evidence is required, M’Lud. We seem to have a Jewish media cabal on our hands …

beautifulburnout’s comment 12 Feb 10, 5:09pm
BurlingtonBertie and others
You seem to be missing the point a bit.
We know the blood libel in relation to Haiti exists. We know that it is being disseminated throughout the intarwebz.
What we can’t seem to be able to nail down is whether or not Baroness Tonge said what she is alleged to have said and, if she did, the context in which she said it, because the only organisation reporting her words (and also Nick Clegg’s response to it) is the JC, which, as I said, has a vested interest in not painting Jenny Tonge in the best of lights.
I need more evidence to be convinced.

Exhibit 6: Let’s be fair-minded about this … I have no opinion on this matter apart from the previous opinions I gave above …

beautifulburnout’s comment 12 Feb 10, 5:11pm
With the greatest respect, until I have confirmation from a less partisan source, I am not forming an opinion one way or another.

Exhibit 7: This smacks of a Jewish cabal. Still, to be fair-minded, I reserve my opinion and rest my case, Your Honor.

beautifulburnout’s comment 12 Feb 10, 5:16pm
Yes. That is precisely the point I am trying to make. Normally, something like this would have been picked up by someone like AFP or Reuters and reported all over the place. Instead we have the JC, some Jewish blogs, some bloggers on the Daily Telegraph and Uri Dromi.
I will reserve my position and see what comes out over the next few days.

Exhibit 8: Some people just point fingers:

beautifulburnout’s comment 12 Feb 10, 5:21pm
Now you are just being hysterical. At no point did I say that.
See my post at 5.16 and stop imputing opinions to people that have not been expressed.
See also my previous posts where I condemn blood libels and holocaust denial.
The trouble with some people is that they will point the finger and accuse anybody who doesn’t swallow whole every single piece of information that comes from Israeli commentators and imply anti-semitic intent. You could not be more wrong about me

Exhibit 9: Let’s not be hasty about resting my case – I wish to add to my comments, M’Lud, after closing my case 3 minutes ago. After exhaustive research on the internet, it definitely appears that there may well be a Jewish press cabal at work here since no-one else is reporting it … or not …

beautifulburnout’s comment 12 Feb 10, 5:24pm
Fair enough – so why is nobody else in the mainstream reporting them? Why not the Times, ffs, which is a pro-Israel newspaper? I have just done a search on their webpage and these are the only results that come up. I just don’t get it…

Exhibit 10: In any case, as usual, those Jews complain too much about nothing … Let’s wait till the “tooth” comes out …

beautifulburnout’s comment 12 Feb 10, 5:29pm
jamescisv seems to have hit the nail on the head, actually.
A bit of a non-story blown up out of proportion by the JC to show Jenny Tonge in a bad light (not that she needs much help most sometimes).
Which will explain why it is not being reported anywhere else in the mainstream.
Like I said – I will wait and see.

Exhibit 11: Playing the victim card … and CiF Watch is added to the media cabal … so the following was deleted …

12 Feb 2010, 5:32PM
CiF readers, next time when you read a contribution from this poster on any of the I/P threads, please remember that he claimed that a completely unsubstantiated libel regarding Israelis harvesting organs of Haitian refugees had an “ominous validity”.
Why do people have to come on here and make menacing statements? I can hear the sinister music playing in the background as a baritone voice warns us against CiF readers.
Back to CiFWatch with you! Away, I say!

Some of the Baker Street irregulars also found fault with beautifulburnout’s presentation of her case:

Including one frequent CiF Watch commenter that she may well have wished away:

So, Dr. Watson, I rest my case.
A case built on the idea of Jewish media manipulating the news by a “Beautiful bubbly burntout buddhist barrister” with, apparently, enormous amounts of time on her hands, suddenly collapses. Can we add it to the various other conspiracy theories, demand for proof that things that never happened, never happened, that seem to float through “Comment is Free” like the scented smoke of a badly made joss stick?

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