But I support them despite the difference in political stance

Yesterday, Brian Whitaker penned a piece on the assassination of Hamas terrorist Mahmoud al-Mabhouh.  As to be  expected, such a topic generated no shortage of expressions of support for Hamas. For starters, we had this despicable comment from Berchmans who makes no bones about his support for Hamas as a resistance movement.

Yes. Peace to all indeed everyone except the Jews that this genocidal movement seeks to wipe out in the course of its “resistance”.

And look what jaw dropping comment it triggered (along with 22 recommendations!).

And take Ranong’s word for it because he’s a man that speaks from experience (again notice the 14 recommendations).

Not quite sure what Ranong means by the “Bubble”. Could it be this perhaps?
Of course not to be overshadowed by Ranong, Berchie steps back into the fray with this:

With some backing later on from frolix:

And guess what? When you try to fight back look what happens. Here’s one of a number of the obligatory pro-Israel deletions.

If my Memri serves me well, I seem to remember that Brian Whitaker doesn’t like Memri very much. Could that have something to do with the deletion?
And speaking of Brian, if you want to find out how this whole discussion about Hamas came about in the first place, stiltonsreturn has an interesting theory.

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