Let me count the ways

This is a guest post by AKUS
Today is February 24th 2010.
I count 55 articles dealing with Israel, Jews, and Judaism on the Guardian’s website, including those not open for comment and those of CiF since February 14th, 2010, when the Dubai affair hit the headlines.
About 5 articles a day. The rest of the world can occasionally get a look in, but the Guardian, microscope firmly fixed to its eyes, sees only Israel and Jews.
I have come to the amazing, possibly controversial, conclusion that this focus on matters dealing with Israel and Jews is due to the frustrated love affair some of the Guardian’s dimmest bulbs have with my people. So – in their honor – let us praise the hidden, if not brightest, philo-Semites at the Guardian:
How Do I Love Thee? (Sonnet 43) by Georgina Matthew Whittaker (with apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning).
How do we love thee, O Israel? Let us count the ways.

55 articles in only 10 days
Not a nit, not a twitch, not a negative comment, not a slight
About Israel that does not fill us with delight
And for which we will not find space.
We love thee as we meet every day’s
Most urgent need, by sun and candle-light
To fill another day’s blog with hate and spite
We love thee freely, with baseless claims and innuendo
We love thee purely, as we reach crescendo.
And if it should appear, that in Dubai.
Our articles turn out to be one massive lie
We’ll not retract, apologise, or reply
But seek another flaw to decry.

Of course, some naysayers will contradict me and claim that 55 articles merely represent their obsession with Israel and Jews – indeed, an obsession usually only found, I am sad to say, on anti-Semitic websites – but I firmly stand by my new theory.
This enormous number of articles about Israel, Jews and Judaism is an example of repressed passion – a Murdstonian desire to make Israel a better place for us all by constantly exposing every negative aspect of the country. Five time a day we can feel the l..u..r..v.. – like a muezzin’s call ringing out over the open spaces of Britain, calling the faithful to CiF.

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