There’s an amusing twist of irony when Google Ads serves up the following advertisements underneath an article by Hamas shill, Andy Slaughter (Labour MP for Ealing, Acton and Shepherds Bush).

(click to enlarge)
The first advert links to Mosab Hassan Yousef’s website.  Mosab is the courageous son of Hamas founding member, Sheikh Mosab Yousef, who spied for Israel saving countless number of lives in the process. I’m sure that given the environment in which Mosab grew up in he could tell aptly named, Mr. Slaughter, a few home truths about the Jew-hating terrorist group that Slaughter seems to hold in such high esteem.

The second advert is a link to the David Project, an Israel-advocacy group, dedicated to educating students about Israel so that they are able to see through the thinly disguised hatred that the likes of Mr. Slaughter have for the Jewish state.
The final advert is to a website advertising Jewish tours to Israel which it describes as “the national home, the spiritual dwelling, and the foundation for the liberty of the Jewish people” something which stands in stark contrast to the establishment of the Islamic waqf that Hamas aspires to create in place of the Jewish State.
All of which teaches us that even though the Walled Guardian goes to great lengths to obscure the truth about Israel and the Jews, the trusted Google Ads ads server is not going to be fooled.
And speaking of strange twists of irony, check this out.