F*ck the Fascists

These were not my words but those of Guardian contributor, BeatonTheDonis, from an undeleted comment garnering 154 recommendations in the Weingarten thread yesterday:

And when pro-Israel poster, toryzionist came on scene to critique Weingarten’s drivel, this is what BeatonTheDonis had to say (again undeleted):

Now try saying F*ck the Fascists in a post to the likes of the protected antisemitic posters such as Berchmans, Papalagi, Raymonddoolalley, Dogbreath and BeatonTheDonis  and I bet you your post won’t last longer than the time it takes to say “Antony Lerman and Miri Weingarten are verstinkener self-hating Theobald Jews”.
In fact toryzionist tried defending himself and guess what happened?

And the Guardian’s protected retorted with this (once again undeleted):

Then we have TheHebrewHammer having a crack:

But the mods were having none of that:

Then we have smtx01 weighing in with this:

And once again she meets the same fate as all the other pro-Israel posters before her who made the mistake of defending themselves against an ad hominem attack:

Now by this time you’d think that after so much bad language in the thread, the moderator would delete the offending post that is the source of all this. But in the Orwellian world of “Comment is Free” such is not the case. Here’s archedbrow giving as good as he gets.

Which is met with a summary deletion:

Now what can be clearer evidence here of double standards at play?

I suggest you write to Matt Seaton, the editor of ‘Comment is Free’ at matt.seaton@guardian.co.uk or Georgina Henry, executive editor of ‘Comment is Free’ at georgina.henry@guardian.co.uk and DEMAND NOTHING LESS THAN THE MODERATOR BE FIRED.
Over 24 hours later, BeatonTheDonis’ 9.12am post has now been deleted without a trace. The original offending post is still up – clearly the Guardian thinks that this kind of discourse is acceptable and appropriate. Nice.

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