Who the f*ck was moderating the Weingarten Thread?

Why the FCUK were these posts deleted?

And for the sceptics among you, Continent’s post cited by MoveAnyMountain is undeleted.
Lets see what else was deleted. Well there’s this:

But wait it gets better – any suggestions as to why this eminently reasonable response to exiledlondonder was deleted?

And again for the sceptics among you, exiled’s post cited by MichaelBournemouth is undeleted.
There’s more folks:

And yet again for the sceptics among you, the post cited by TheHebrewHammer is undeleted.
It seems the mods have it in for TheHebrewHammer because here’s another post of his that was deleted:

And its not just TheHebrewHammer – the newly reinstated Guardian contributor, Geoffrey Alderman (welcome back!), had a post deleted without trace (contrast the treatment of Guardian contributor Geoffrey Alderman with that of BeatonTheDonis):

And folks if you’re wondering why these comments were deleted here’s the reason:

It seemed though that from about 3pm onwards, the moderator got completely carried away. There were mass deletions resulting in 50 deletions from a thread of 264 comments with easily another 30 or so deletions without trace. As I’ve said before they don’t call it the cesspit for nothing. Advertisers take note!
I’ll leave the last word however to anti-Israel poster, exiledlondoner.

For once I have to agree with exiledlondoner – what is the point of CiF??

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