Israeli diplomat expelled: The media response

Just Journalism has an interesting post up evaluating the official views of the British broadsheets in reaction to Miliband’s announcement that an Israeli diplomat has been expelled in connection with the purported assassination of Hamas leader, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. Unsurprisingly, the Guardian’s coverage featured heavily in Just Journalism’s commentary.

“The Guardian, The Independent and The Daily Telegraph all published leading articles today, analysing this latest development.  The Guardian took a palpably hostile stance towards Israel. Its editorial accused Israel of being ‘an arrogant nation’ and claimed that Miliband ‘all but accused the Israeli government of participation in a criminal, terrorist conspiracy’. The publication also took the opportunity to berate Israel for its policies in Jerusalem, going as far as to imply that Israel will relinquish the whole city to the Palestinians in final status talks:
‘Jerusalem was not a settlement, he said, it was the capital of Israel. These are not the words of a government prepared to negotiate what all Israelis know is a central demand of final status negotiations – Jerusalem becomes the capital of a Palestinian state.’
The piece also asserted that PM Netanyahu’s policies in east Jerusalem was proof that ‘Israel is pre-empting the shape of the final agreement by creating facts on the ground’ and that ‘No deal with the Palestinians can be made in these conditions.’”

Read the rest here.

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