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As Clive63 pointed out yesterday before his comment was deleted, the Munnayer thread provided another veritable opportunity for more anti-Israel two-minute hate (actually eleven hours hate to be more precise).

But rather than focus on the vilest of comments, for a change I thought we would take a look a selection of some of the more idiotic comments on the thread and have you vote on what is the most idiotic of them all.

First up, we have our old friend Steve Hill, the wannabe terrorist.

From Kassam rockets to asteroids. Whatever next. What thoughtless disregard for human life.

For our second offering, we have this truly bizarre analogy from Arjan.

Hmm. This one leaves me stumped. Maybe I’ve been up too long anyway thoughts on what Arjan could possibly mean are welcome.

For our third comment, we have the topsy turvy world of orwellwasright with this.

You really have to wonder how far removed from reality certain posters are when there was a rocket attack as recently as a few days ago, that last month a Thai worker was tragically killed by a Kassam rocket and that according to the Sderot Media Center there have been 348 Kassams fired since the end of Operation Cast Lead. But heh its all a figment of our paranoid Zionist imaginations.

Fourth and final comment is by CiF’s acting production editor who appears to be the new kid on the block in the I/P threads.

Well Nick, all I can say is they don’t call it the Grauniad for nothing.

Anyway, cast your votes in the poll below and share with us the reason for your selection  in the comment thread. Polls close in two days.

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