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On the day of 911, I was awoken by a call from a friend back East telling me a plane hit the WTC.

It was around 5 30 AM my time, I said “OK Sure” and went back to sleep.

She called me back once more knowing this hasn’t registered with me enough, being still in slumber and forced me to turn the TV on.


Around noon and already immersed into CNN, another friend came to visit me. He was of Lebanese Christian background and I recall him yelling out of his car “Hezbollah!!” as he was approaching my driveway. He used to do this when he was expressing shock, displeasure or dismay. It was his personal curse word. He told me he just came from the Donair shop we always frequented when downtown to see movies or shopping. He told me that the shop owner, a Lebanese Muslim, was cursing at the TV in front of his customers saying “I know this was an (expletive) Arab who did this and now we are doomed, the world will hate us. Needless to say, I still love this guy’s falafel, the best in town among the Arab style falafels. (Israeli and Greek falafels are different as are their pitas). He is a sweet man as is his overworked family hustling this product from morning until late night from a 250 sft spot always with a smile and always with his accompanied complaints about rising rents, rainy weather and hard to come by reliable help.

When I was researching this piece about the Guardian’s stupid response to the Time Square attack I wanted to look at the writers whose pieces the Guardian published on the subject.
Was I delighted in more ways than one…
One of them was Wajahat Ali, a Pakistani American writer whose piece Against Terror, our liberty is our best defense. appeared on Cif a day after the arrest.
His Guardian piece reads like…well a Guardian piece.

An attack piece on “right wing” Americans who now will come after Muslims like never before. Of course 9 years ago close to 3000 people died a few blocks away from the parked smoking Pathfinder and none of the fears of revenge attacks have materialized. Still the writer goes through the events of the last few terrorist attempts on America using the typical code language diminishing the reality of the origin of these attacks. The “mentally disturbed” Nidal Hasan, the “Nigerian Student” Underwear bomber and the FBI “entrapped” Pakistani Americans caught joining a terror group in their old country. He goes into a great straw man argument alleging that Sarah Palin will come out swinging or something:

“Sarah Palin and her ilk will argue passionately on Fox News to “profile away” evil-doers – in effect, advocating racial profiling of ethnic minorities, especially of Middle Easterners and South Asians. Anticipating public anxiety, Obama reacted to calls for “greater security” following the failed Christmas Day bombing by implementing catch-all measures – recently amended – to extend special pat-downs and heightened profiling to individuals returning from 14, mostly Muslim, countries.
Despite overwhelming evidence showing that racial profiling and the erosion of civil liberties and due process are counterproductive in fighting terrorism, I worry that fear and divisive rhetoric will be used to undermine the mutual trust and co-operation that has been painstakingly built over the past two years between American Muslims and law enforcement agencies.”

Ignorant statements to say the least. But I guess an attack on Sarah Palin will always work. Bush with lipstick is what she became and now she is preemptively attacked in supposedly hated Bush fashion for statements she never even made. Neither did she make them since. Of course there is no overwhelming evidence of racial profiling not working. Because there is no racial profiling. There is terrorist profiling which does contain religious and ethnic elements among a long list of other signs security officials look at when they check our bags, walk through the detector and stand in front of customs upon arrival. Nether is there any mutual trust between security agencies and Muslim groups. The FBI dropped its liaisons efforts with CAIR when they finally realized CAIR had no interest in the safety of Americans but an interest in advancing the Muslim Brotherhood agenda in America and advised Muslim Americans not to co-operate with the police before contacting CAIR first.
I would have dismissed Wajahat Ali as just another Guardian crank had it not been for finding his other, much better articulated and insightful piece in Salon, which he also ran in a blog he edits called Goatmilk. In there he has a piece written really from the perspective of a Pakistani American Muslim finding out that another Pakistani Muslim has been involved in a terror attack.
He writes:

“A Muslim born and raised in America with Pakistani parents, I was the “token” at early age. Growing up, I was like any other socially awkward, overweight, dorky American kid who wanted to date Alyssa Milano and beat Contra on my Nintendo without using the secret, unlimited life code — except my T-shirts were smeared with turmeric and lentil stains instead of PB and J, and in place of Lunchables my mom fed me homemade, green-colored, lamb patty burgers. I was the kid comfortable with all his identities — Muslim, American, Pakistani — and as such, I became the one people consulted when uncomfortable questions had to be asked, or misconceptions and stereotypes needed to be explained.”…

I too used to have a secret crush on Alissa Milano. Watched whole episodes of Who’s the Boss while being totally annoyed by Tony Danza and the rest of the cast. Only to see Alissa. She did age well I might add. A gorgeous lady today as she was a heart throb back then.
A word of advice to Ali: If he wants to condemn negative stereotyping of Muslims and Pakistanis, he better argue for that without negatively stereotyping Americans in that process.

“…America has a long tradition of scapegoating (see African Americans, Jews, Irish and Japanese Americans), in which the criminal and moral bankruptcy of a few perverse individuals becomes an archetype for multitudes.”

Ali goes on:

…”After news of the averted attack, I was hit with a blitzkrieg of texts, Facebook updates and gchat pings. Friends from varying backgrounds — Mexican-American, African-American, Arab-American — wanted to know what I thought about another “Rage Boy” foolishly attempting to commit violence with an amateurish terror plot. Several made a similar confession: How glad they were that the suspect didn’t belong to “their tribe.” What I did know, with a sinking feeling, was that many moderate, peaceful Pakistani Muslims like me were further doomed to collective mistrust and suspicion.”.

This reveals the true nature of the fear among decent Muslims of discovering that another of their coreligionists has just caused a terrorist incident. The so called sinking feeling reminds me of the Lebanese falafel store owner who basically suspected like many others that indeed Muslims/Arabs were behind the 911 attack.
If even Muslims’ first instinct is to suspect other Muslims after an incident like this then one has to wonder why the rest of us need to be force fed the idiocy of suspecting the Tea Party, the right wing militias and opponents to socialized medicine. The moronic diatribes following this attack, and other similar attacks are as much an insult to Muslims as they are to the rest of us. Let alone insults to intelligence itself.
This brings us to the other silly and probably completely nonsensical and moronic article about the Time Square Pathfinder bomber, Time Square bomb plot: Don’t rush to judgment by Robert Dreyfuss.
A writer for the far left rag, The Nation, known for its communist subversion during the 50s and being home to the most radical left of the brain writers of which Dreyfuss seems to be no exception. The funny thing is that he is actually a LaRouchian. Far from the left and closer to the lunatic far right. The fact that the Guardian commissioned its first piece on this new event from such a clown is quite telling to say the least. The joke was on Robert and the Guardian as the piece came out accusing the Tea Party (no rushing to judgment there I suppose) when the news was already reporting on the arrested suspect, Faisal Shahzad.
For those unfamiliar with the Larouche movement, it is a conspiracy club founded by Lyndon Larouche, a former Reagan administration official involved in the Star Wars space arms program who had a falling out with Reagan and also reality.
They are well funded and have a strong presence in France and the USA where they publish magazines and newspapers.
They can be found at any protest march, even used to have kiosks at airports next to the krishnas. They were at those famous anti-Bush and anti-war marches and also crashed the Tea Party protests and those now infamous town hall meetings Obama called to discuss his health care plan.
The essence of their conspiracies are founded upon the belief that Britain still controls the USA via MI5, the Free Masons, Satan worshipers, abortion providers, Columbian drug cartels (that way Her Majesty is drugging the youth of America) and of course Zionists. Amusing stuff for pot smoking university students needing a good laugh and messianic truth for the movement’s adherents. I always wondered how can they get so much funding and so much exposure, being the lunatic fringe club they are.
-Telling of the world we live in for sure.
For the Guardian to lead the Time Square story by deploying such a freak is another of their face loss moments.

” But it seems far more likely to me that the perpetrator of the bungled Times Square bomb plot was either a lone wolf or a member of some squirrely branch of the Tea Party, anti-government far right. Which actually exists in Connecticut, where, it seems, the car’s licence plates were stolen.”

Gee thanks Inspector Cluseau…sorry Chief Inspector Cluseau…what a brilliant natural police mind you have.
They “exist” in Connecticut where the license plate is from. Wow. So Larouche this line of thinking is. Reflecting the moronic reasoning behind the various outlandish conspiracy theories this AGAIN surprisingly well funded group is peddling, drugging the minds of Guardian youth in this case.
As someone who has been guilty of a sick hobby of reading about terrorist and extremist groups, I can confidently say that the whole idea that any so called American Patriot Militia would mass murder people in Time Square is so wrong and baseless that it merits a little sidetrack into American Patriot Militias.
These groups, not all racist or antisemitic nor religious, though many of them are openly so, originate in the American revolution when the young recently declared independent republic was defended by a mixed group of locally raised volunteer militias as America was then absent of a real army. To those on the American far or extreme right, the idea that the Federal Government would institute any policy without the explicit consent of the respective state(s) is treasonous. They base this upon the treaties the Continental Congress negotiated with the 13 colonies later becoming the founding states of the USA which stipulated their commitments to defending the revolution with their respective militias in exchange for help by the new republic which was usually through payments of grants and salaries to fighters. Generally helping each other out across state lines. Back then states awarded US citizenship to immigrants, not the Feds. That was also one of the grievances of the Confederates, the issue of who can award citizenship as until the 1860s, states had that authority.
From these treaties grew the Constitution and also its 2nd Amendment, which calls for ” an armed citizenry… and a well regulated militia”.
What they actually got was the National Guard which is the volunteer reserve Army and under the command of state governors. These groups see the establishment of the National Guard as insufficient to satisfying the second amendment and resent the Federal Army and the Federal Agencies (especially armed ones) on their soil. Those on the left point to the National Guard as a reason and justification for disallowing the ownership of guns by Americans, except to members of the National Guard. Hence the gun debate and the militias mostly clashing with the Federal Government over gun issues.
The only way these groups resemble jihadis is that they too, have among them some very intelligent or wealthy yet creepy individuals, experts in combat skills and other trades as well as a bunch of buffoons in need of a girlfriend or more exercise. They will not attack Americans unless they work for the federal government. In Oklahoma City, their intent was to time the bomb to go off before the children showed up to the daycare (which was for children of employees). McVeigh miscalculated and the rest is history. Of course, in the minds of these people killing a mother of a 2 year old is OK as long as she works for the government but killing her kid is not. Oh well.
In short, these are populist, isolationist movements who despise the federal government and the international agreements it signs which are seen to limit national sovereignty (some of them are actually) and want to rally the people to this cause, Thus they are not likely to attack civilians in a tourist area. That would be 100% contrary to their objectives, which is to rally Americans to defeating the Federal Government. They would attack government buildings and international institutions like the IMF, World Bank and the UN. As they did in Oklahoma 15 years ago last month. Seeing so called experts mix them up with the Tea Party shows the level of nasty propaganda some in the media have succumbed to distributing of late.
Jihadis aim to kill masses. Why is it so hard to understand that?
They are trying so hard to convince us themselves, each time they kill or try to kill as many people as possible!
It is natural that an article linking the Tea Party with a car bomb is gobbled up by the editors of the Guardian. They must have been salivating at the idea, no matter how off base, of the American Right being linked to an incompetent mass terror attempt.
The blind leading the ignorantly blind. Or call it the cluster of stupid thoughts.
I am sure they would have even mentioned that stupid Sarah Palin must have been the one who built the ineffective bomb made up of household chemicals, firecrackers, fertilizer and gasoline. (Drill Baby Drill huh!!)
Of course the bomb was no silly rig as portrayed. The ingredients were perfectly selected for New York City which is equipped with radiation and bomb sniffing sensors, K-9 and otherwise. It could have killed dozens and injured hundreds changing that magical place forever. There goes the expertise of the so-called reporter experts who get paid for sitting in a chair babbling about bull crap wondering how come less and less believe or trust them. The self sacrificial nature of self righteousness is amazing.
On goes Dreyfuss, confabulating some more because it seems even he feels somewhere in his gut that this might after all be another Jihad attack. At least that is what this next passage sounds like:

“As always, it is important to point out that even if the Times Square bombing turns out to be the work of jihadist zealots, it shows that as an enemy they rank about on a par with the guy who crashed his plane into the IRS building. President Obama took the opportunity to proclaim his vigilance and his determination to track down the perpetrator and to keep America safe.”

Oh really. Jihad ranks equal to the guy who killed a night watchman in the IRS building. This is getting better. One victim vs over 3000 on American soil alone is on par. I can just imagine Dreyfuss on the golf course. Robert you must be on par with Mike Wier because you once hit the green with your first shot.
What a magical game that could be.
-Or not as he may think golf is a secret MI5 plot to install landing pads for Satanist British Intel UFOs for the final occupation and enslavement of the free.

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