Its Just Anti-Zionism

Antony Lerman wrote in “Comment is Free” today “[a]n extremely counterproductive development has been the touting of the working definition of antisemitism drawn up by the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (now the Federal Rights Agency) as a document carrying virtually legal force. This has wrongly branded antisemitism as certain comment about Israel that is extremely critical, but in itself does not display any kind of antisemitic tropes.”
So I guess in Lerman’s book, the following two comments  that were posted in the comment thread were just extreme critiques of Israel.

(Notice the similarity to Mearsheimer’s little list in the above posts)

Remember Antony Lerman is the man who thinks that the following cartoon is not antisemitic (despite the obviously antisemitic Nazi trope):

And the man who openly endorsed Peter Oborne’s documentary on the so-called pro-Israel lobby in Britain (despite  the obviously antisemitic Jewish conspiracy trope):

As Omri Ceren over at MereRhetoric puts it:

This nudge-wink “it’s just anti-Zionism” game has always been a little surreal. No newspaper would ever publish an article accusing a black politician of “publicly lynching his opponent in the press.” The unseemliness of inverting the history of anti-black violence would border on bigotry. And no newspaper would ever print a cartoon that depicted cascading Sub-Saharan instability as a black male “Africa” assaulting a white female “Europe.” Invoking racist tropes to incite public outrage is, well, racist.
But Israeli Jews as baby-killing Nazis? That just sophisticated and brave anti-Zionism.

The truth is Antony Lerman’s attack on the EUMC Working Definition is nothing but a thinly disguised attempt to promote the dissolution of Israel as a Jewish state euphemistically known as the one-state solution.
A modern day Theobald is our Tony.

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