Why was this deleted?

This is a guest post from Margie in Tel Aviv
Dr John Zoidberg isn’t the most grammatical or polite of commentators but if that had been the problem he would have been banned long ago. As it is he is among the untrusted by “Comment is Free” and has apparently since been banned. You might have noticed that his comments are interpolated a considerable time after others have appeared, apparently having been read and considered flaw-free by a moderator already. If that is true why was this particular comment deleted from the recent Delkhasteh thread? Somebody must have put in an abuse report with a complaint that had not been obvious to the pre-moderator.

For all their throwaway curtness his comments are accurate and check out one by one when examined. If it was the Nazi comparison that galled, it shouldn’t have. The Iranians were the original Aryans that so inspired Hitler’s hordes – definitely not Arab then. And the offshoot of the Syrian army, the Syrian Socialist National Party with its Ba’athist dream of a Greater Syria is led by Christians and run by a group of men approaching their seventies who seek out the emotionally crippled to commit suicide as they murder innocents. According to Ehud Yaari, “[t]hey greet their leaders with a Hitlerian salute; sing their Arabic anthem, “Greetings to You, Syria,” to the strains of “Deutschland, Deutschland über alles”; and throng to the symbol of the red hurricane, a swastika in circular motion.”
Hezbullah, the Shia terrorists in Lebanon, heavily influenced by both Iran and Syria, proudly display their Nazi connection, using similar marches and salutes and music. Their sympathies are not very different too – Mein Kampf is widely available in Lebanon. Here is a video of a Hezbullah military parade. If it all seems derivative and familiar you’re on the right track
Is there any other site that uses the belt and braces method of both pre-moderation and post moderation?

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