Tainting Israel with the Nazi Label at "Comment is Free"

This is a guest post by AKUS
The following is a fairly typical example of the attempt by the worst of the CiF commenters on the thread following a recent Guardian editorial dealing with the “revelation” of contacts between South Africa and Israel in 1975 to paint Israel as a supporter and practice of apartheid. “ibrows” (surely a misnomer for this ignoramus) even sneaks in the undeleted suggestion that Shimon Peres sympathized with someone who supported Hitler (and, by extension, so did and do Israelis):

This “Vorster-Nazi-Israel” theme may be becoming popular – it crops up in a similar post by “KMB” in a BTL comment to the article where Robin Shepherd debunks the Guardian’s “exclusive” story:

Unfortunately, of course, ignorance, bias and hatred are the alternatives to actually getting the facts for these commenters.
The following excerpt from “Isolated states: a comparative analysis” By Deon Geldenhuys, Pgs 230-231, lists visits abroad by South African Prime Ministers over the 35 year period from 1953 to 1988.
Are we expected to believe that all the countries listed below were or are apartheid regimes, and their ministers supported Hitler? When a South African Prime Minister visited Britain and France, does this list indicate that those countries were offering South Africa nuclear weapons, or that the South Africans assumed that they were (though of course they were selling the South Africans planes and armored vehicles and other munitions by the dozen)? Or are we expected to believe that that was the case only when they visited Israel (twice in 35 years)?

There seem to be no bounds to the delusions of those who would use any tactic to besmirch Israel and no limit to the Guardian’s willingness to let them use its website to further this goal.

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