The Free Gaza Flotilla: Sailing away from Human Rights

This is a cross post by Uri Goldflam from CIC Scene

The “free Gaza” flotilla has nothing to do with human rights.

Why? The answer is so simple a 5 year old can understand it.

  • There is no problem to transfer humanitarian aid into Gaza. Hundred of trucks enter the strip daily. Last week UNRWA set up an entire summer camp facility for the children of Gaza. It was transported with the aid of Israel. The camp was then burned down by Hamas. (Hamas also burned restaurants in Gaza. Restaurants? In starving Gaza? Yes, indeed.)
  • If “Human Rights” were the real agenda of the boat people they could have easily transported all the goods through the Israeli border crossings.
  • If “Human Rights” were the real agenda, the leaders of the boat people would have agreed to transfer a message and a package to Gilad Shalit – An Israeli soldier who is being held illegally by Hamas without the basic human right to see a doctor or a representative of the Red Cross or a representative of his family.
  • If “Human Rights” were the real agenda the boat people would have made it to Gaza already and not have waited and postponed their sailing until favorable media conditions occur.

The action of the boat people is laden with hypocrisy and cowardice. Hypocrisy- because their actions actually support extreme violations of human rights in Gaza. Cowardice- because they are taking on an easy target – Israel, a democracy that will treat them with silk gloves. Will they dare take boats to Sudan and take on the Janjaweed, maybe fly to Tibet and take on the Chinese army, a flotilla of aid to North Korea, a rescue mission to Pakistan to save the Ahmediah sect from massacre…? No. because they are cowards and hypocrites.

The overt agenda if this flotilla is a media circus to de-legitimize Israel, to embarrass Israel in the eyes of the world.

And it’s working.

But that’s not even half the story. There is also a subversive agenda (only if you don’t speak Arabic. For Arabic speakers it is clear as day).

When watching the coverage of the intl. media I noticed that the boat people are chanting. Fair haired and bright eyed “human rights activists” from all over the world who are sure they are doing the right thing are sitting hand in hand and chanting in Arabic:
Haibar Haiber ya Yahud – Jaish Muhammad Sa’ufa Ya’ud
Translation: Remember Haibar Oh, Jews – Muhammad’s Army will return.

What does this mean? Don’t believe me, ask any Arabic speaker with a basic Islamic education.

The battle at Haibar is an episode that every Muslim knows from the early days of Islam. After Muhammad traveled to Medina from Meca he tried to convert the Jewish tribes living there. When the Jews refused to convert he expels them from the city. At a place called Haibar he slaughtered the men and sold the women into slavery. The loot from this carnage was used to buy much support for Muhammad and strengthen his leadership.

What does this have to do with Gaza? With human rights? Nothing. When Muslims chant “remember Haibar” – it is not a figure of speech it’s a genocidal political program. And the misguided “human rights activists” are chanting right along thinking they are singing Kumbaya or “we shall overcome”.

A group of radicals have hijacked the language of human rights in the most absurd and blatant fashion. This is a moral perversion so blatant it can make your stomach turn. A “Human Rights” flotilla that has nothing to do with real human rights, supporting one of the largest violators of human rights on the face of the planet – Hamas. The head of Hamas in Gaza, Ismail Haniya, a man who propagates murder, abuse, oppression and subjugation of his own people; A man who’s education system teaches children to hate, to murder, to kill and die as glorious martyrs in the name of “human rights” is waiting to shake the hands of the boat people.

But the International media makes Israel the villain in this story.

It makes me angry, very angry. I’m angry at diplomats who know the truth about Gaza and remain silent. I am angry at journalists who are playing along with this perversion and causing good people with common sense to believe in this ridiculous sham.

When will diplomats follow their conscience? When will journalists stop selling out? When will we see CBC/CNN/CBS explaining to their viewers about Haibar? Or report about the atrocities of Hamas against Palestinians? Or the millions of dollars and hundreds of trucks that enter Gaza from Israel? When will Western journalists stop trading truth for access? When will cowardice and hypocrisy cease to be the norm.

The mood of international public opinion is swinging against Israel. It is dangerous for Israel but also for the world. Israel is the canary in the mine. If it falls, so does western civilization. Israel will not allow that to happen.

You think I’m exaggerating? Remember Haibar.

Uri Goldflam has been working in the field of Israel education, leadership training, and educational tourism for the past 17 years in various positions in Israel and abroad. Click here to read his biography »

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