Guardian’s Obsession with Israel – June 1, 2010

This is a guest post by AKUS
If you thought the Guardian’s obsession with Israel and the flotilla story was pathological yesterday, today they tipped right over the edge.

On May 29th, I wrote : “As we await the arrival of the provocative Flotilla of Fools carrying, if past is prolog, exaggerated amounts of unneeded “humanitarian supplies” to Gaza (perhaps Gaza’s “Roots” restaurant – has been running low on trout, sea bass, shrimps and veal scallopine – see the 15-page menu for other entrees) we also await the salvo of articles that the Guardian will use to try to add its weight to this publicity stunt”.
We haven’t counted, to be sure, but we at CiF Watch would bet a small fortune that the pathological types at the Guardian have printed more articles about this event than they printed about any other conflict not involving Britain in the last decade over the space of twelve months, even printing lies, as IsraeliNurse has pointed out, such as Chris McGreal drag up the disproven Al Durah affair.

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