The truth about the Mavi Marmara begins to emerge

This is a guest post by AKUS
While video from various people who were on the boat is plastered all over the internet including, of course, the Guardian which so far has not managed to publish anything that reflects Israel’s position, Israel is slowly releasing video that shows its side of the story.
Ha’aretz has just posted this stunning debriefing of the English-speaking Captain of the Mavi Marmara by Israeli intelligence in which he explains how the IHH took control of his boat and used disk saws to cut off railings and chains with which to attack the Israeli SEALs, over his attempts to persuade them not to use violence:

The Chief Officer of the Mavi Marmara gave a corroborating report in Turkish and Israel’s “Malam” private intelligence group has the video of The Chief Officer‘s report and transcript in English here:

Q: You seem to be saying that the people from IHH were in control of the ship. Did the crew need their permission to move around the ship?
A : Definitely, they [i.e. IHH operatives] didn’t let people they didn’t know move around.
Q : Did they prevent anyone they didn’t know from moving freely around the ship?
A : Yes, definitely.
Q : And was that from the first moment they went up on deck?
A : Yes, definitely.
Q : How did the IHH operatives communicate with one another?
A : When they [the IHH operatives] got on board in Istanbul they brought walkie-talkies with them. They were handed out to the IHH operatives and the crew.
Q : Did you [the crew] get them as well?
A : Yes, each one worked on a different frequency.
Q : I don’t understand, they didn’t let the passengers and crew go from one deck to another?
A : They could go anywhere except to the control center they set up on the bridge.
Q : How many IHH operatives were there on the upper deck.
A : Forty.
Q : The same forty all the time or did they change?
A : More of less the same forty.
Q : You’re referring to the group that joined the ship in Istanbul?
A: yes.

Malam also provided the intelligence for Ha’aretz to write the following report (the full report is available here):

Probe: Erdogan knew Gaza flotilla would be violent
Files found on activists’ laptops pointed to strong ties between the Islamist IHH movement and Turkey’s prime minister.

Referencing the violence, the report continues with the following, which explains how the non-IHH participants in on the ship were kept away from the IHH activities, and why some of those naive “activists” who probably did not want violence can now be paraded on TV claiming that they saw no preparations for a violent confrontation:

According to a witness aboard the ship, a confrontation broke out when the ship’s crew heard IHH members sawing the railing into metal rods, but they were unable to confiscate them from them.
IHH activists also gathered all the knives from six cafeterias on the ship, as well as axes from fire extinguishers on the deck, all of which served as weapons against Israeli commandos .
Before the takeover, IHH ordered all other passengers into the hold of the ship and told them to remain there. Only journalists and security personnel were allowed access to the deck.

Meanwhile, the Guardian continues to play video that was smuggled out by some on the ship – but not a word about these interviews. Just as with its false, one-sided reporting of the massacre that never happened in Jenin, the Guardian continues to feed the fires of hatred though one-sided reports from only those it chooses to side with.

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