An Antidote to Israel Derangement Syndrome

Sufferers of Israel Derangement Syndrome do strange things.
A couple of pertinent examples spring to mind.
First, Honest Reporting directs us to a letter to the BBC written by a group of Israel bashers who complained that the BBC is “little more than an extension of Israel’s PR offensive”.
Yes the BBC. The same BBC renowned for some of the worst anti-Israel bias in the mainstream media.
It should therefore not come as a surprise that among the signatories are Guardian contributor, Tony Greenstein, the “fantastic ignoramus” and “crank of the first order” and nutty Deborah Fink who is rather famous for putting on quite a “performance” at a pro-Israel rally as can be see here:

The second example is this bizarre review in the Guardian by John Crace of Melanie Phillips’s new book The World Turned Upside Down: The Global Battle over God, Truth, and Power.
In her book Phillips writes:

“What have the issues of anthropogenic global warming, the war in Iraq, Israel and scientism got in common? Not a lot you might think. But in fact a number of threads link them all. Most fundamentally, they all involve the promotion of beliefs that purport to be unchallengeable truths but are in fact ideologies in which evidence is manipulated, twisted and distorted to support and “prove” their governing idea. All are therefore based on false or unsupported beliefs that are presented as axiomatically true. Moreover, because each assumes itself to be proclaiming the sole and exclusive truth, it cannot permit any challenge to itself. It has to maintain at all costs the integrity of the falsehood. So all challenges have to be resisted through coercive means. Knowledge is thus forced to give way to power. Reason is replaced by bullying, intimidation and the suppression of debate.”

If you can make it to the end of Crace’s strained attempt at rubbishing The World Turned Upside Down (Yaacov Lozowick had some understandable difficulty), you’ll see that rather than succeeding in what he sets out to do, Crace scored an own goal by proving Phillips’s central thesis! No doubt Crace and Georgina were so wrapped up in their sanctimonious self-righteousness they didn’t even realise this.

In my book though, the best way of sticking it to Crace and his fellow Israel-haters at the Guardian is simply this: click here and buy yourself a copy of The World Turned Upside Down.

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