Two small ways in which you can help

This Friday marks Gilad Shalit’s fourth year in captivity. The Jewish Community Relations Council of New York has set up a website where you can send a personal message to Gilad which will be delivered to the International Red Cross. Copies of the messages will also be sent to Gilad’s parents, Noam and Aviva. Take a few moments to tell Gilad that you care by clicking here.
A Friends of Israel initiative has been launched setting forth seven core convictions. Here’s conviction number two:

Israel´s right to exist should not be questioned. In the face of a uniquely campaign of deligitimation, we remind all people of goodwill of the true historical context in which the State of Israel was re-established following United Nations Resolution 181 in 1947. We state emphatically that that decision to recognize the right of the Jewish people to national self-determination was not merely a gesture of compassion following the horrors that had befallen the Jewish people during the Holocaust. It was, above all, a recognition of the right of the Jewish people to establish a sovereign state on land in which they have had an enduring presence and to which they have had a historical claim for thousands of years.

Check out all seven convictions and add your name to the growing list of signatories. Click here for more.

Update: Two Zurich Churches to Turn Off Lights for Shalit

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