More false passports!! Oh, the outrage!!!

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Oh, the outrage – what foul play – Russian spies using forged passports to infiltrate the US — who can we expel??? The Russian ambassador?? Should the US expel someone, or should Britain and Ireland??? Will the Russian Ambassador in the UK and the Russian Ambassador in Ireland be hauled in for an “explanation”??

How did they get these passports?? Did they get the passports from the Mossad’s Army Surplus store??? Or, like everyone else, just by stealing them from that factory in Britain where they make them??

It’s in the British press – even a few mentions in the Guardian – but I guess I missed the 37 articles with timelines and video clips in the Guardian over this outrageous misuse of British and Irish passports by a friendly country (Russia) and the endless debates in Parliament, and the outrage, and demands for apologies … oh well – no Palestinians involved – it’s not news …

Russian spy ‘held fake British passport’

One of the 10 people arrested in the United States for allegedly being a Russian spy held a fake British passport, according to US government papers.

But wait … there’s more!! They used Irish passports as well!! Now that the Irish have expelled an Israeli, will they expel a Russian???

Russian spy ring: Irish passport ‘used in alleged conspiracy’

County Donegal fireman who holidayed in Moscow in 2005 dragged into case of alleged Russian spies

(Notice how, unlike in the Dubai case, the Guardian is careful to claim an “alleged conspiracy” – when Israel is concerned, the Guardian demands it prove that anything the Guardian claims is not true).\

And this Donegal fireman is probably not even Jewish and they still used his passport ….

US claims ‘Russian spies’ used British passports

Government officials have confirmed to Channel 4 News they are investigating the alleged use of fake British and Irish passports by suspected Russian spies in America. Sarah Smith reports from the US on a plot worthy of a Cold War drama.

See the full charge sheet here.

The FBI arrested 10 people for allegedly serving for years as secret agents of Russia’s intelligence service, the SVR, with the goal of penetrating US government policymaking circles.

US Department of Justice papers said that Tracey Lee Ann Foley travelled on a “fraudulent British passport prepared for her by the SVR”. Foley was arrested in Boston on Monday.

The New York Times has reported that the FBI moved to arrest the spy ring suspects because they feared one of them was about to leave the US.

Oh, no!! One of them impersonated a dead Canadian!!! Who will the Canadians expel???

Well, as long as these were not Israelis … I suppose “the world” will just have to look the other way …

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