Notes to angry CiFfers

This is a cross-post by Michael Merrick of Outside In

Occasionally I pay a visit to the foreboding tundras of CiF, and reflect on the absurdity of the angry natives that I see. Well, specially for Stuart, here are those reflections nicely gathered together.

If anybody has any to add then please do; the more we can get the better.

Note to angry CiFfers – stating an opinion as a fact is not the same thing as stating a fact as a fact

Note to angry CiFfers – that fellow CiF commenters agree with you is not, in itself, evidence that everyone agrees with you

Note to angry CiFfers – it is churlish to mock the idea of revealed scripture whilst treating everything in the Guardian as unblemished truth

Note to angry CiFfers – shocking words and phrases lose their capacity to shock when constantly repeated, by everybody, all the time.

Note to angry CiFfers – holding contradictory opinions whilst vociferously asserting them both to be true undermines credibility somewhat

Note to angry CiFfers – being perpetually irrational does great harm to your claims of upholding reason in the face of religion

Note to angry CiFfers – buy a dictionary and look up the word ‘bigot’. Better still, buy a mirror

Note to angry CiFfers – swear words are not a convincing substitute for either logic or reason

Note to angry CiFfers – screeching personal abuse is not an intellectual trump card. It does not automatically win an argument.

Note to angry CiFfers – as unblemished as you undoubtedly are, people who disagree with you are not, by definition, evil

Note to angry CiFfers – by all means evangelise your gospel, but doing it online under a pseudonym is unlikely to be terribly effective

Note to angry CiFfers – employing biblical literalism to condemn Scripture is as silly as employing biblical literalism to defend it

Note to angry CiFfers – divinising Terry Sanderson is an ineffective means of arguing against religion and faith

Note to angry CiFfers – your general comments do great harm to your claims of enlightenment

Note to angry CiFfers – ‘left’ is not synonymous with good, and ‘right’ is not synonymous with evil

Note to angry CiFfers – mocking belief in flying spaghetti monsters is ineffective invective against those who do not believe in flying spaghetti monsters

Anybody else…?

(h/t Stuart of eChurch Christian Blog)

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