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Our friends over at The Brothers of Judea are reporting that they received the following threatening email from anti-Zionist as-a-Jew Mya Guarnieri.

The purportedly offending posts of The Brothers of Judea that Guarnieri is complaining of can be viewed here and here. As can be seen, these are nothing other than run of the mill blogposts thoughtfully debunking Guarnieri’s anti-Israel screeds and I challenge anyone to find anything that is even remotely defamatory.

So who is Guarnieri (as I’m sure like me you’ve never heard of her)? Describing herself as a “tel aviv-based journalist and writer, huffington post columnist, regular contributor to the national (abu dhabi) amongst many other international publications,” she firmly establishes her anti-Zionist credentials with the following from an article published in the Huffington Post:

Only after the Palestinian right to return has been acknowledged and a shared, bi-national country has been established can we expect to see a truly democratic state emerge.

These credentials are further bolstered by an Al Jazeera article entitled “Israel’s street apartheid“, the title of which speaks for itself.

While a visit to her website reveals that not only is she a fan of the likes of Israel-haters, Phillip Weiss and Richard Silverstein, but even Brian Whitaker’s al-bab blog features in her blogroll!

In a guest post for the Sabbah Report, “Israel Cracks Down on the Press“,  Guarnieri, reporting on the detention of Maan News Agency’s Jared Malsin, writes

When considered within a larger context, Malsin’s detention seems to point to a government intent on silencing dissent.

So there you have it. Guarnieri complains about “silencing dissent” yet is guilty of the very same thing with her ill-thought out email to The Brothers of Judea.

The fact of the matter is that this is precisely how the anti-Zionist left works. While professing to uphold progressive values, they manipulatively use the threat of lawsuits in an attempt to chill speech that is at odds with their views at the same time as playing the victim card whenever anyone has the audacity to call them out on their own bigotry.

Today we stand shoulder to shoulder with The Brothers of Judea and are sending a message loud and clear to bigots like Mya Guarnieri that we will not be cowed into silence for calling a spade a spade.

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