It looks like the El Bader flour mill bomb was planted, after all

(An important post at Elder of Ziyon about the alleged Israeli strike, during Cast Lead, on the El Bader flour mill)

We have discussed the El Bader flour mill a number of times in context of the Goldstone Report and other NGOs.

The IDF report in January, 2010 concluded that there was no airstrike, as Goldstone had asserted (against his own evidence!) and that the mill was only hit by a tank shell during active fighting.

Since then, the UN asserted that it had evidence of a 500 lb. bomb, and HRW released a video (apparently the UN video) of the El Bader mill taken a few weeks after Cast Lead that seemed to show this bomb sitting on the floor of the mill:

According to The Guardian, this was the front part of an MK82 aircraft dropped bomb and was found on the first floor.

Because of this new evidence, the IDF reopened its investigation as to whether there was any aerial bombing of the mill.

After months of exhaustive investigation, a new IDF report concludes that it was right all along, and that there was no bomb dropped on the flour mill:

See the rest of the post at Elder of Ziyon’s site

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