Cameron’s “come-on” to an unsavoury bed-fellow, and CiF’s Simon Tisdall’s reaction to it

In Turkey today, David Cameron lost no time in indulging  the FCO’s favourite pastime of  giving a good kicking to those pesky, arrogant Israelis/Jews (well, what’s the difference?), simultaneously having a love-in with Turkey’s Islamist PM, Tayyip Recep Erdogan—- can’t  wait to have you in bed with us in the EU—-you’re my heart’s desire.  (It’s always good to kill two birds with one stone.)

CiF contributor Simon Tisdall framed Dave’s comments as signalling “his kick and run diplomacy”, but obviously delighted in what he probably regards as the deserved reward for all CiF’s tireless efforts in it’s relentless campaign against the Zionist entity.

He thus writes, “David Cameron jumped into the ever-sensitive politics of the Middle East with both boots flying today, determined to call a spade a bloody shovel and Gaza a prison camp that shamed all those, principally Israel, responsible for its enduring misery.”

So there you have it, CiF’s enduring leitmotif, it’s all Israel’s fault.

Indeed, listening to Dave’s censure of Israel, a novice could be forgiven for thinking Tisdall is right.

He talked about the May 31 Israeli interception of the “aid” flotilla to Gaza being “completely unacceptable”, and that with regard to Israel’s (military, maritime) blockade, “Gaza cannot and must not be allowed to remain a prison camp”.

Note the subtle shift in language from “open prison” to “prison camp”. Observe also Dave’s complete absence of context—- no mention of Gaza’s other border with Egypt;

OR that following Israel’s unconditional 2005 withdrawal from Gaza, Israel was rewarded with a huge increase in rocket and mortar attacks, aimed at her civilians;

OR that Israel has never stopped supplying Gaza with thousands of tons of humanitarian aid across its border, as well as supplying it with electricity and fuel;

OR that Israel continues to evacuate sick Palestinians for free medical treatment in its hospitals, including terrorists who are frequently to be found being treated in the same wards as their Israeli victims;

OR that it is Hamas which brutally suppresses the Gazan population, often stealing humanitarian aid and selling it, with a total disregard for human rights;

OR that billions of dollars are being lavished on Gaza, which, as well as paying for the build up of arms to “resist” Israel, provides luxuries like shopping malls and Olympic size swimming pools for its deprived “starving” populace.  One could go on and on.

Erdogan lost no time in fulfilling his part of the self-righteous double act, and likened the behaviour of the Israeli commandos to that of Somali pirates.

Of course, our Dave insisted that he spoke as a “friend” of Israel’s (the obligatory qualification), who believes “passionately” in its right to exist in peace and security. Words really do come cheap, and one can only wonder at the rhinoceros hide of a politician who, in the words of former Israeli minister, Ephraim Sneh, portrays the “double standards of a nation which fights the Taliban, but shows its solidarity with their brothers, Hamas.”

As to his opposite number, Erdogan, who would have guessed that he leads a nation responsible for – and in complete denial over – the genocide of upwards 1.5 million Armenians in 1915, or that they invaded Northern Cyprus in 1974, or that brutally suppresses its Kurdish minority (some 14 million people) of whom some 37,000 have died since its armed struggle commenced in 1984 – in order to deny them independence.  And, let’s not forget Turkey’s appalling record of human rights abuses against its own citizens?  Even Tisdall muses on these with regard to Turkey’s would-be entry to the EU.

It also seems to be a little-known fact that Turkey has imposed a blockade against landlocked Armenia for nearly 20 years.  As a result, Armenia is in dire economic straights and is in receipt of $150 million in international aid a year – though the economic impact of the blockade has been estimated to cost the nation 5 times as much.

Isn’t it funny how when there are lucrative contracts at stake and markets to woo, morality disappears down the plughole of expediency at the speed of light?

But just like those glossy travel brochures, for Dave and his puppet master, Hague, Turkey is that lovely, exotic, indispensable country facing both east and west.

Pull the other one!

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