Robert Fisk says Hamas more moral than Israel

(This report, via Elder of Ziyonrepresents a classic example of the Western media’s increasing acceptance of a narrative which actually suggests  some sort of equivalence between open, progressive, democratic states (whether it be Israel, the U.S., or others) and inherently reactionary, totalitarian, terrorist movements – such as Hamas and Hezbollah.  Such insidious moral inversions are utterly shameful.)

In what may be a new low for Robert Fisk, which hardly seems possible, he starts off his latest screed this way:

The death of five Israeli servicemen in a helicopter crash in Romania this week raised scarcely a headline.

There was a Nato-Israeli exercise in progress. Well, that’s OK then. Now imagine the death of five Hamas fighters in a helicopter crash in Romania this week.We’d still be investigating this extraordinary phenomenon. Now mark you, I’m not comparing Israel and Hamas. Israel is the country that justifiably slaughtered more than 1,300 Palestinians in Gaza 19 months ago – more than 300 of them children – while the vicious, blood-sucking and terrorist Hamas killed 13 Israelis (three of them soldiers who actually shot each other by mistake).

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