Update on Recent Clashes Between IDF and Lebanese Armed Forces

The most recent information on today’s clashes on Israel’s Northern border, between the IDF and the Lebanese Army, is as follows (most of which is courtesy of the excellent reporting from the journalists at the site, The Muqata, and other highly reliable sources):

The attack by the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) against the IDF was unprovoked, and took place in Israeli territory (above photo) along Israeli’s Northern border. In some areas, there is a gap between the IDF security fence and the actual border, which is where this attack took place. IDF soldiers were conducting routine maintenance work including clearing bushes from the area – activity designed to keep an open line of sight, and to prevent attacks and kidnappings like the one in the summer of 2006, which was in a similar location.

  • The IDF’s work on the fence was fully coordinated with UNIFIL
  • A Lebanese sniper opened fire towards IDF forces in violation of UN security council resolution 1701
  • The IDF retaliated with artillery and helicopter fire
  • The LAF opened fire not at the soldiers who were doing the routine maintainance work on the fence, but at the commanders who were standing nearby observing the work, which would suggest, anyway, that it was a preplanned attack not in reaction to the work on the fence
  • It is known that some elements of the LAF are influenced by Hezbollah
  • After the initial exchange of fire, the LAF requested that the IDF suspend their fire so that they could evacuate their wounded.   Roughly half an hour into the ceasefire, LAF shot an RPG at an IDF tank. They missed the tank and the IDF tank returned fire
  • IDF only opened fire in response to their soldiers being shot at and wounded
  • One IDF soldier was killed and another critically wounded
  • Three LAF soldiers were killed
  • This clash represents the most serious incident along the northern border since 2006
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