Barghouti’s Guardians

The comment thread beneath Omar Barghouti’s CiF piece, promoting boycotts of Israel, on Aug 12, Besieging Israel’s Siege, brought out quite a few fellow travelers to the crusade to delegitimize Israel (See CiF Watch responses to Barghouti’s piece, here and here).

Typical was this by a frequent CiF commenter who goes by “hammondorganb3”:

Interesting.  He accuses Israel of inflicting “brutal” “horrors” on millions of people in a “calculating” and “malicious” manner, yet is shocked (simply shocked!) that anyone would accuse him of inciting hatred towards Israelis – behavior, he believes, that decent people everywhere should “strenuously avoid.”

Now, let’s go back to his previous post, 9 minutes earlier, which was subsequently deleted.

So, in addition to characterizing Israeli behavior as cruel and sadistic, he’s not above playing the Nazi card.  I simply can’t imagine why anyone would ever accuse such folks of inciting hatred.

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