What the Guardian won’t report (AWRAD poll of Palestinians: Only 13.7% oppose violence)

The results of the latest poll of Palestinian views on the Middle East Peace Process, just prior to the upcoming peace talks in Washington, indicate attitudes that are, to put it mildly, alarming.  While these results seem to strongly contradict the conventional wisdom of the “Peace Process” narrative, don’t expect to see the disturbing political implications of this study reflected in the reporting by the mainstream media.

Here are the results from three of the more important questions posed by the pollsters, which was conducted by the Arab World for Research & Development (AWRAD):

(Results of an Opinion Poll: Publication Date: 28 August 2010.  Field work: 8-14 August 2010. Sample Size: 3,001 Palestinians in the West Bank & Gaza.  Margin of error: +/-1.5 %)

1. With regards to rebuilding confidence in the peace process please indicate which of the following options you consider to be ‘Essential’, ‘Desirable’, ‘Acceptable’, ‘Tolerable’ or ‘Unacceptable’.

Resist occupation through violence to achieve a state:

Essential 36.7%; Desirable 18.7%; Acceptable 16.8%; Tolerable 14.0%; Unacceptable 13.7%

2.With regards to the final status of Palestine and Israel please indicate which of the following you consider to be Essential, Desirable, Acceptable, Tolerable or Unacceptable as part of a peace agreement.

Historic Palestine – from the Jordan River to the sea as a national homeland for Palestinians

Essential 78.2%; Desirable 12.5%; Acceptable 4.3%; Tolerable 3.1%; Unacceptable 2.0%

3. With regards to Jerusalem please indicate which of the following options you consider to be Essential, Desirable, Acceptable, Tolerable or Unacceptable as part of a peace agreement.

All of Jerusalem (East and West) should remain in Palestine

Essential 84.1%; Desirable 10.3%; Acceptable 2.2%; Tolerable 1.6%; Unacceptable 1.7%

See the entire poll results, here.

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