Rabbis for whose human rights?

Yitzchak and Talya Imas were the parents of six children, the eldest one being 24 years old and the youngest one being a year and a half old. Talya Imas was nine months' pregnant when she was killed by the terrorists.

Eight words.  That’s all the compassion, for the 4 murdered Israelis and their families, that Israeli NGO, Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR), felt they could muster, in a 92 word press release, before pivoting to their major concern – the possibility that Israelis may take reprisals.  RHR also warns darkly of the possibility that such sinister settlers may even uproot Palestinian trees (Oh, the horror!).

This, after Hamas acknowledged that they are planning more lethal attacks against Jews. Not a word from RHR about protecting those potential victims.

Here’s the RHR press release in full:

“May God comfort the families of those murdered tonight, and also protect Palestinian families from attempts at revenge.  There was already one attempt this evening, and security forces are protecting the family.  In another location there is currently an attempt to uproot trees.  If we hear of other such attempts we will try to send security forces to do their job. However, we also need volunteers who are willing to travel at anytime tonight if needed.  Please call me at any time if you are willing to be on such a list.”

As Elder of Ziyon pointed out:

“These so-called rabbis have forgotten a very basic concept in Judaism known by all fourth graders: If I am not for myself, who is for me?”

For more background on RHR, see NGO Monitor’s profile, here.

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