Possible Burning of One Koran; Definite Burning of One Million News Stories

This was published by Barry Rubin at The Rubin Report

News that a crackpot minister at an incredibly tiny church in Florida may burn a Koran is a global story. The man’s plan is condemned by just about everyone, though some point out he has a constitutional right to do so.

There are several, all obvious, reasons for this universal criticism, mainly boiling down to two:

–It is disrespectful to another religion and inappropriate for our society, which is supposed to be tolerant, etc.

–Such a deed might endanger Americans and U.S. foreign policy goals by making Muslims angry and in some cases violent.

A lot of “properly thinking,” good-hearted Americans are feeling mighty guilty, unnecessarily I might add. One young man said, “Why do I feel the need to walk up to Muslims on the street and wish them peace and show them that Americans are not all bigoted racists?…What has happened to my beautiful country?…The day Americans start burning Korans is the day when Osama bin Ladin has won…”

Yes, this is what years of inducing and indoctrinating guilt has done. Simply another example of arguing that the tiniest blemish on Western society or Israel proves they are evil while elephant-sized warts in other countries are to be ignored.

One doesn’t, however, define a country by the most extreme, isolated individuals but by the mainstream. Muslims will only believe that Americans are all bigoted racists (mostly bigoted racists or have any significant number of bigoted racists) if they are told lies about America. Similarly, Americans are being very foolish if they believe this kind of disproportionte nonsense.

Nowadays, the United States can easily win any tolerance competition in the world.  On the other hand, a lot of Americans are very much in the race with the rest of the world about who can be the most anti-American.

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