The Guardian claims that Jews are the real “Palestinians”

A guest post by AKUS

The Guardian has reported on a proposed Christian theme park in Mallorca, similar to one that apparently already exists in Buenos Aires:

Welcome to Holy Land – Europe’s first Christian theme park

Scan to the end of the article and you will find the Guardian making it clear who the real Palestinians are, and refuting the increasingly frequent claim by those who today call themselves “Palestinians” that there never was a Temple in Jerusalem:

“With a cast of extras in the costumes of Romans and early Palestinians, the park advertises itself as ‘a place where everyone can learn about the origins of spirituality’. Visitors include tourists and groups of young Roman Catholics studying for their first communion.

The park planned for Mallorca reportedly intends to build replicas of, among other things, the Wall of Lamentations and a Roman court house.”

It’s pleasing to see that instead of simply saving space by using the word “Jews”, they preferred to make it clear that they, like most Jews, know who lived in Palestine in Roman times.

It looks like the editorial shakeup at the Guardian may be having a positive effect

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